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By Robert Kazmi
By Robert Kazmi
2 minutes read

The New York Fashion Tech Lab (NYFTL) Accelerator announces its first graduating class and partnership with Koombea. Demo Day is July 24th in NYC.

Koombea has been working with the NYFT Lab Companies selected for the 12-week accelerator program about properly packaging their products for pilot programs, onboarding large fashion retailers, and determining market fit and producing a minimum sellable product. The NYFT Lab is the brainchild of the Partnership for New York City and Springboard Enterprises, both groups dedicated to the growth of startups in New York City.

The selected group of early-stage fashion tech companies for the NYFTL Accelerator program were selected by some of NYC’s leading fashion brands and retailers.

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Koombea is proud to be one of the few premier partners for the NYFTL accelerator and offers services and technology expertise to all NYFTL graduates. Its’ relationship with NYFTL powers even more successful opportunities. “As professional app builders and product designers, we wanted to make sure the Fashion Tech Lab had access to all the right resources and tools,” our Koombea CEO Jonathan Tarud comments.

Our VP of Product Marketing Ellie Cachette presented a workshop for the lab companies on delivering a Minimum Sellable Product. The New York Fashion Tech Lab is on a mission to bring tech to the forefront of fashion and is bringing Koombea along with them. “We are thrilled to be a part of the lab’s mission to expand the future of tech into all industries,” says Nicolas Costa, Koombea’s Director of Sales who is helping the program extend to international applicants.

“Koombea has brought our program tremendous value” Springboard President Amy Millman commented, “involving technology partners is critical to the success of the NYFTLab.“

To get more information on DEMO day and see what NYFTL has been up to, click here:

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