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Koombea Culture
4 minutes read

Ready For Exciting Changes? Welcome To The New Koombea Experience

By Robert Kazmi
By Robert Kazmi
Koombea Culture
4 minutes read

After months of hard work and collaboration, we couldn’t be happier to introduce our new and improved website to the world.

The redesign process, spearheaded by the design, development, and marketing teams aimed to reflect the new enterprise approach of the company, while really showcasing the process that goes behind turning an idea into a success story.

Additionally, we wanted to offer our visitors real value from their time on the site, by providing expanded content and working as a hub for up-to-date industry resources, tools and information. Our new website reinforces our commitment to be a trusted partner and industry leader.

So, how did we get here?

As most projects, it all started with a basic concept and a lot of passion.

In the words of Carlos Montoya, UI/UX Senior designer, “It wasn’t easy, but the process was definitely rewarding. First, we had to understand the new approach of the company and align that with our team goals and expectations. Then, we documented every step taken, iterated with tons of different versions of the look and feel of the site, until we finally found a style that worked for us and our company.”

We improved our UX

With this new website, we’re providing a smoother, more seamless experience to our visitors by reducing the clutter. The new pages are strategically organized for a better flow and the new menu offers quick access to the most important sections of the website.

Additionally, the responsive version uses a full-width hamburger to optimize the content on smaller screens, making the site available to a more diverse audience.

We refreshed our branding

It seemed logical to use the launch of our new portal to freshen up our branding a little bit, too. We used hero images with crafted 3D objects to give more context to the content and we added a new polished Koombea font with thin outlined icons to support the message we wanted to communicate. All these changes work together with a new vibrant and crisp color scheme to make for a more consistent look.

We developed exciting new features

“With this new site, it was very important for us to focus on giving something more to our visitors. It wasn’t about telling them what we could do for them, but more about sharing our knowledge and providing them with valuable resources. Ultimately, our goal was to go beyond providing insight into the industry, and focus on educating our visitors on how to succeed in the digital sphere,” says Carmen Apostu, Growth Marketing Manager.

  • Case Studies

Interested in what it takes to turn an idea into a successful product? This section is all about our clients’ journey and how we were able to work together to turn their ideas into success stories. This page provides a unique opportunity to gain valuable insight into the work we do and a more thorough understanding of the process that goes behind the different projects for our clients. Basically, we wanted to give our visitors an inside look into our experience by showcasing the work that was done, the results, and testimonials.

  • Resources

Want to stay updated with all the latest digital trends? We built an easy-to-use hub aimed to provide our visitors with the latest industry trends and information. From blog posts on the most relevant topics, to insightful webinar with industry experts, this new section is aimed to provide our visitors with all the tools they need to thrive in the digital space. But that’s not all. We’ve also included an extensive collection of slideshares, whitepapers and more, which makes finding the latest information as easy as possible. In fact, this page has a new search functionality and other filters that allow browsing for specific topic and content types.

  • Products

Over the years, our deep industry expertise and passion for building successful products led us to launching several products of our own. This section is meant to be a window into.who we are, how we do things and what we are passionate about.

Ready to experience all the new features for yourself?

Take a look at the new pages and let us know what you think!

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