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Koombea Culture
3 minutes read

The Secret Is Out.. We Have a New Brand and Website!

By Robert Kazmi
By Robert Kazmi
Koombea Culture
3 minutes read

2014 has been an amazing year. We celebrated our 7th year of “coding apps and taking names,” and with that came a brand and focus change.

As we’ve grown as a company, so have our clients. Shifting from startup projects to large, enterprises who need to expand their development and design teams on edgy, creative projects. Therefore, we needed to grow with our clients and take advantage of this great opportunity to improve our brand. Hear from our branding experts and web developers who took EVERYTHING to the next level.

But first, let’s take a look back at our Koombea branding history.. and see exactly how we built out our new logo, piece by piece.

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The new branding

Developing a newer, evolved brand has been Marketing and Design’s initiative for a while. The new logo has a slick color, with a more modern and simplistic feel. “We are so excited to show off our new brand, our culture concept while complimenting our clients’ style, and our confidence to make really amazing things; It’s our best tool to show our story, but talking about our brand story is basically 80 people working together to give their best to reach our client’s objectives, to be better and stronger together..” says our UX/UI Director, Diego Coronado.

Our branding guru, Juana De La Hoz, who led the brand change, gave some deeper insight, “Changes are often necessary to show the world that we are able to change and change means bettering ourselves every day. A brand identity is more than just symbols, and for that reason, we have redesigned the entire brand experience.”

The new site

We’ve been working on the new site for quite some time. As our Senior Front-end Developer, Andres Rojas, puts it, “It was an enormous challenge, but it was worth it. We focused on a content-first strategy this time to build the designs around the content and then the development. It made it a smooth process as we wanted to focus on the way we were speaking to the viewer first and foremost.”

Why the new designs? We’ve played around with probably two dozen designs before we could all agree on one that matched our objectives…perfectly. “It’s fun, it’s different, it’s modern, and it still has that corporate look and feels while engaging our primary clients of early-stage startups and enterprises while having them choose the solution where they belong. That was our main objective for this website. Giving people options and solutions and helping them figure out where they fit best.” says UX/UI designer, Carlos Montoya. Might he also mention we have some awesome case studies, and the entire site is responsive for all devices.

And when building for a good responsive site you need to focus on the structure. “We choose to work with a grid on the website and then I convert that structure into fluid columns using the grid CSS while doing some minor tweaks. The main obstacle for building for responsive was keeping the design without doing a lot of CSS–to keep everything simple,” explains Senior Front-End Mauricio Mejia.

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