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9 minutes read

The Top eCommerce Design Trends in 2024 Web Designers Should Know About

By Alvaro Insignares
eCommerce Design Trends
By Alvaro Insignares
App Development
9 minutes read

Online businesses and web designers should know about the latest eCommerce design trends in 2023 if they want their eCommerce site and online shopping experience to please potential customers and drive conversions. 

Web design trends are constantly changing as advanced technologies are pioneered and mobile devices become more capable of delivering immersive online shopping experiences. 

To meet consumer expectations, eCommerce design must utilize the new web design trends. 

If your business has an eCommerce store, it’s vital to understand the design trends driving eCommerce design. eCommerce brands that want to delight online shoppers need excellent web design. 

This post will explore the top eCommerce design trends in 2023 that your eCommerce site should take note of and try to implement to gain a competitive advantage and deliver interactive shopping experiences.

Important eCommerce Web Design Trends 

Every web designer knows that design trends come and go. That is why it is vital to stay on top of the latest eCommerce design trends and keep your eCommerce website and brand experience fresh for consumers.

The top design trends in 2023 for eCommerce companies to consider implementing on their eCommerce website include:

  • Animations 
  • Product pages that tell a story
  • Interactive visual elements 
  • Calm color schemes
  • Mobile-first design 
  • Immersive technologies
  • AI chatbots 
  • Vaporwave aesthetics 


One of the most important design trends for eCommerce brands is animated design elements. Animation can be used in several ways to enhance the design quality of an eCommerce website. 

A few ways animation is used on e-commerce websites include micro animations, hover animation, animated transitions, and animated scroll design. Small movements from micro animations can make shopping online more interactive and immersive. 

While animation is a crucial eCommerce design trend, it is essential not to overuse this element. At a certain point, over-animation will detract from the customer experience and make the website difficult to use. 

Animation should improve the readability and engagement of your eCommerce website. This design trend should be used to improve the cosmetic quality of your website and make it more immersive.

Immersive website design will lead to an improved conversion rate and more sales. Animation is a great way to create an immersive website design that encourages users to shop online repeatedly.

Product Pages That Tell a Story 

Storytelling on product pages is one e-commerce design trend that your business should work to implement on its website

Your eCommerce website will never be able to capture the full quality of the in-store experience. However, with storytelling, your website can give customers a powerful, entertaining, and memorable experience. 

Instead of just listing product details, tell a story to describe the product, its features, and how it can be helpful in real-world situations. 

Storytelling doesn’t have to rely solely on words. Your eCommerce website can also use compelling images to tell stories and highlight the benefits and uses of products. 

Instead of merely trying to sell products to consumers, try to assist them with their problems. Your content will become more engaging and exciting if you take this approach and employ storytelling on product pages. 

Interactive Visual Elements 

Interactive visual elements simulate a traditional shopping experience. For example, when you go to a store to make a purchase, you can pick up a product and interact with it before making it.

One of the main drawbacks of an eCommerce website is that consumers cannot interact fully with a product. As a result, it can be difficult for them to understand how big or useful an item is when shopping in this way. 

There is nothing a website can do to eradicate this problem. However, by using interactive visual elements, an eCommerce website can help consumers interact with their products, move them around, and better understand how they work. 

In addition to being helpful, interactive visual elements are also entertaining. A more entertaining website will draw more users and attention than a boring website, even if it has better product offerings. 

When you combine great products with excellent website design, the potential of your business is unlimited. 

Calm Color Schemes 

The power of color in design has been well-known for many years. The design trend used to be strong, bold colors, but recently this trend has shifted to calmer, lighter color schemes

Neutral or pastel colors are less distracting and more inviting for customers to look at. You don’t want to distract your customers from the products you are selling with bold coloring. 

Calmer colors can also generate more trust for your website and brand. On the other hand, overly bold or bright colors appear spammy today due to their wide use in advertising and signage. 

Try to work with colors that support your brand image. You want to choose colors that support the products being sold on your website, not distract the eye from them. 

Of course, buttons and other clickable elements might use bolder colors to signify their importance and entice users to click on them. 

Limit bold, bright colors to essential places when you want to draw the user’s attention to a particular place. 

Mobile First Design 

All websites should be designed with mobile devices in mind first. This is because most people access the Internet on their smartphones. 

As a result, you need to ensure that your website looks great on mobile phones because that is how most people will see your eCommerce website. 

Content needs to be readable, the design needs to look right, and the website should be easy to navigate and use, even on the smallest phone screens. 

Unfortunately, too many businesses fail to design a mobile website adequately. Your design team must check every device and screen size to ensure your website looks great.

Many businesses focus on building a responsive website and ignore the mobile side of design during development. 

Responsive design is not a magic solution that will automatically make your website look great on all devices that access it. 

Instead of designing a website with computer screens at the forefront of the process, begin conceptualizing the design of your website with mobile phones in mind.

When you take this approach, you will design a more mobile-friendly website. People want to use websites that function like mobile apps, not chunky websites that require scrolling and zooming. 

Immersive Technologies 

Using immersive technologies like Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) is a crucial design trend in eCommerce

AR and VR are radically changing how businesses can deliver online shopping experiences to their customers, and your business should consider how it can use them.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are also highly entertaining and will attract users interested in experiencing this cutting-edge technology.

With AR and VR, your eCommerce website can help customers try on clothes, visualize how products will look in their homes, and see how an item works up close. 

Immersive technologies like AR and VR might seem out of reach for your organization, but implementing them on your website is not as difficult as it may seem.

There are several AR and VR SDKs that your development and design team can use to incorporate these immersive features on your website. 

AI Chatbots 

The capabilities of AI chatbots have gotten progressively better over the last few years. As a result, AI is becoming one of the most popular design trends in eCommerce

An AI chatbot can help assist your customers at any time of the day, giving your customer support team excellent coverage while reducing their overall workload. 

In addition, AI chatbots can streamline the checkout process, help customers find items they are looking for, answer common questions, resolve common issues, and suggest related items a user might be interested in.

AI chatbots have many capabilities that can be used on your website. In addition to being helpful to customers, they can help make your operations more efficient. 

Vaporwave Aesthetics 

Vaporwave design aesthetics are trendy right now. Vaporwave utilizes neon pastel color schemes, psychedelic fonts, and glitchy graphics. 

Vaporwave draws inspiration from the mid-80s to early-90s design aesthetics and cyberpunk subculture. 

In addition to neon pastels, vaporwave typically uses gradient color blending. Vaporwave is an example of the new pop culture that has embraced the contemporary Internet.

While it is essential to embrace new design trends, your brand can suffer if it tries too hard to embrace youth pop culture. 

Don’t try to force vaporwave on your brand or website. Despite its popularity, it won’t be the right choice for every website.

The key is to do what feels natural to your brand. If a full vaporwave design is not aligned with your brand image, perhaps your designers can incorporate elements of the vaporwave aesthetic into the current design.

Final Thoughts 

Design trends are always changing. Therefore, your business needs to stay on top of shifting trends to remain relevant and competitive. 

If your business wants to learn more about website design and eCommerce best practices, reach out to a skilled development and design partner like Koombea

While it is essential to utilize trends, there are also timeless design choices that will always be effective. Therefore, your business should not wholly redesign and rebrand itself every time new trends emerge. 

Instead, incorporate trends as they emerge and subtly shift your branding to position your website to meet the needs of future consumers while remaining true to your brand image.

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