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FinTech Apps for Startups and Enterprises

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FinTech App Development

Koombea's FinTech applications compete at a world-class level. We provide our financial sector clients with top-quality money management apps and services, always with a sharp eye on security and intuitive User Experience (UX).

Using cutting-edge technology and trends, our development team will deliver a user-friendly product that keeps engagement high while providing the efficiency and safety you need.

We Develop FinTech Apps and Solutions for the Following Categories:

Personal Finance

Build personalized and effective money management tools. Help your users access their personal finances from a secure app that loads in seconds, allowing them to manage their credit cards and checking accounts, all in one place.

Mobile Banks

Mobile banking allows customers to set and process money transactions remotely from their mobile devices. We develop advanced apps that help financial institutions generate statements that can be easily downloaded and printed.

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Money Transfer

Use our in-depth knowledge to develop flexible app solutions that allow you to send money nationally or abroad instantly and efficiently, at a reasonable value, and with the top global wire providers of your choice. You can hold and convert money in international currencies with real-time tracking.

Tenant Screening

If you have a property management business it’s time to invest in an app or software that allows you to create a mobile tenant screening process. It will save you time as you won’t need to have personal meetings anymore. All you will have to do is to grab your mobile device and enter prospective tenant data to begin the screening process.


Robo-advisors provide investing tips and guidance so users don’t have to spend days learning how stocks and auctions work. Implement this feature strategically into your investment app and improve your KPIs.

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Smart Contracts

We use smart contract programming codes that are stored and encrypted in the Blockchain system. Through our smart contracts approach, your app will create functionally transparent and automated features for your business.

Finance Management Apps

FinTech apps can help businesses grow by allowing users to create budgets and get better with their savings and finances in general. Whether you want your app to provide a specific budgeting system or one that provides online banking, we'll make sure to provide you with the best technological solutions.

Bitcoin Cash Apps & Cryptocurrency

A cash app is the easiest way to transfer money between friends and family. We build products that allow you to buy and sell BTC and other cryptocurrencies directly from a cash app. We offer advanced cryptocurrency security levels, high-speed transactions, and a variety of functions such as location services depending on your needs.

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Mobile Payments

If money transfers are at the core of your business, you'll need a money payment system or payment gateway. We create mobile payment apps for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, allowing your users to easily make payments and transfer money.

Stock Price History and Real-Time Tracking

Use your FinTech app for comprehensive time tracking and timesheet management. With our custom applications, your users can track hours, inventories, and bills across projects. You can also use these tools for stocking apps that analyze stock price history data.

Investment Platforms

Unleash the full potential of your company with our web and mobile app solutions. Our software designers offer custom UX Design to take your business to a new level. We create stock trading apps, white-label apps, and everything in between and at any level of complexity.

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Wealth Management Apps

Help users expand their wealth and track saving options and their net worth while comparing exchange rates and the world’s top financial indexes.

Venture Capital

The venture capital industry is another FinTech trend that is developing in the form of software and apps. In Koombea we offer the following most effective frameworks:

PCI Compliant Systems

At Koombea we are committed to PCI compliance. We understand how sensitive your data is and how important it is to prioritize security.


Cybersecurity - Advanced Security Measures

Keep your app safe through our cybersecurity approach. We make sure that your data is stored in a secure way, helping your business operate efficiently while reducing risks and cyber threats.

FinTech Apps & Machine Learning

Machine Learning provides apps with the ability to learn without being purposely programmed. We build FinTech ecosystems empowered with Machine Learning as their fundamental technology.

These are some of the most common uses of Machine Learning for FinTech apps:

Explore our Blog

Explore our Blog

The entire Koombea team constantly collaborates to envision the future of FinTech and mobile apps, and we put these insights to work for you. We've compiled our research on our Blog, where you can find quality content about all things mobile tech.

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Our Focus


App Development for FinTech Startups

Our team understands the challenges faced by early-stage FinTech companies. We’ve built top-ranking apps for a variety of start-ups. We take a unique approach by fusing traditional and new methods to develop quality apps.

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Enterprise FinTech App Development

We know how enterprise apps differ from off-the-shelf software. We've customized and launched unique web and mobile financial solutions that meet enterprise-level needs. Our portfolio demonstrates our high-quality standards regardless of the product.

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Product Planning & Strategy

We offer a full-service product development and strategy team. We dive deep to identify market opportunities, create a long-term mobile strategy, and develop product roadmaps that drives ROI for our clients, which sets us apart from other mobile app development companies.

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Rescue Projects

We specialize in rescuing projects on verge of failure - Mobile or Web! Combining our qualified expertise with a documented process; we quickly address underlying development problems, bottlenecks, and performance & usability issues.

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