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App Development
6 minutes read

What Is SonarQube? 

By Jose Gomez
By Jose Gomez
App Development
6 minutes read

If code quality is something that your software development team would like to improve, your organization will be interested in the SonarQube platform. However, if your development teams use a CI/CD pipeline to update the code base, developers need to ensure that coding standards are upheld at all times. 

Code quality and security are vital to the success of your organization’s projects. Code quality must be measured continually to achieve optimal performance and reduce potential errors. However, it can be challenging to achieve full code visibility without a static code analysis tool

This post will explain what SonarQube is, its top features, and why businesses should consider using it for code analysis. It is important to analyze source code before it goes into production.

SonarQube: A Code Quality Assurance Tool 

SonarQube is a code quality assurance tool that performs in-depth code analysis and generates an analysis report to ensure code reliability. SonarQube combines static and dynamic code analysis to empower continuous code quality practices. 

SonarQube was founded in 2007, initially under the name Sonar, with the driving philosophy that “continuous inspection must become mainstream as continuous integration.”  

The SonarQube server processes more than one programming language. As applications advance, code complexity increases. As a result, many applications are built with multiple languages. 

The SonarQube server can test and analyze 29 popular programming languages, from Python and PHP to Kotlin and Swift. 

With SonarQube, your developers can ensure source code quality and application security by identifying and rectifying code duplications and potential bugs. Take a closer look at how the Sonar scanner ensures code reliability, detects bugs, and alerts developers to other source code issues. 

Static Code Analysis Tools 

Static analysis tools review code to find issues with techniques and logic and ensure clean code architecture. For example, Sonar scanner has thousands of static coding rules to guide developers and ensure application security. 

As previously mentioned, SonarQube analysis can perform static analysis on 29 of the most popular programming languages. No matter how your developers code, SonarQube can provide the proper unit tests to ensure your team follows good coding practices.

Dynamic Code Analysis Tools 

Dynamic analysis tools run the code and review the results. Sometimes a coding rule might look good, but when it is run, it causes an issue. Dynamic code testing is the only way to ensure full test coverage and test developer skills. 

Dynamic testing enables quality to be tested in real-world environments. These tests find more in-depth issues than simple code duplication and memory leaks. See how code runs on a server machine and reduce technical debt before work has to be redone. 

Development Integrations 

SonarQube integrates with your organization’s existing software pipeline and proactively notifies your team when quality or security issues are detected. In addition, SonarQube works seamlessly with many of the most popular CI/CD tools, such as Jenkins and Azure DevOps.

If SonarQube finds code issues, the continuous integration server triggers a warning report for developers to review before committing to deployment. In addition, if your team utilizes a UI compute engine server, your SonarQube instance analyzes source code and generates a detailed report of issues. 

SonarQube makes processing code analysis reports simple. Your developers can browse quality snapshots and extract data from analysis report results to improve code automatically.

The Benefits of SonarQube Source Code Coverage 

There are several benefits to using the SonarQube database for code quality. If you want to empower developers to write more robust and resilient source code, the SonarQube database can help in the following ways:

  • Improve quality 
  • Grow developer skills 
  • Continuous quality management 
  • Reduce risk
  • Scale with ease 

Improve Quality 

The quality of your application is directly tied to the quality of its code. As a result, when you improve the quality of your application’s code, you improve the quality of the application itself. 

This has enormous benefits for your organization, from increased revenue from conversions, greater brand awareness and recognition, and higher user retention and engagement levels. 

Higher quality code also reduces technical debt and ensures that your organization is not spending financial resources fixing issues that should have been addressed in the development and testing phases of app development.

Quality also leads to sustainability. Development requires a significant upfront investment. SonarQube sustainability increases the lifetime of your application by reducing bugs, complexities, and duplications in the code. 

The best benefit of this tool is that it will help improve the overall quality of your application’s code. If your product has poor code quality, your software product will struggle to meet the expectations of the business and fulfill objectives.

Grow Developer Skills 

Using the SonarQube plugin or platform increases developer skills through regular code feedback. While there are various plugins for code management and security, using a tool like SonarQube actively improves developer skills.

As developers get code feedback and see where mistakes were made, they can learn from their errors and write better code in future situations. SonarQube not only shows developers where code issues are, but the platform also helps them understand why it is a problem and how they can avoid it in future instances. 

Continuous Quality Management 

When using SonarQube managing the quality of your app’s code becomes a part of every phase of the development process. As a result, SonarQube increases maintainability and reduces costs associated with technical debt. 

Reduce Risk 

Bad code with bugs and vulnerabilities puts organizations at risk of a security breach. SonarQube helps organizations reduce their digital risk by actively scanning code as it is written

If you want to take an active part in your organization’s cyber security, begin with the code of your applications. SonarQube will help your company write strong, secure code. 

Scale With Ease 

SonarQube was built to scale. As of yet, there has been no limit to this tool’s scalability. Whether you have one or one thousand applications with millions of lines of code, SonarQube performs at a high level and provides in-depth analysis. 

Final Thoughts 

There are not many HiTech code tools as robust as SonarQube. The quality of your product’s code should always be a priority for your organization. If you want to learn more about SonarQube, reach out to an experienced Koombea to get additional insight and guidance on the product.

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