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7 minutes read

Pros and Cons of Using Python for Web Development

By Alvaro Insignares
By Alvaro Insignares
Website Development
7 minutes read

Having discussions about the pros and cons of coding languages can be exhausting. There seem to be no limits regarding the level of detail around which such conversations can evolve. Some things can get pretty technical even for lifelong experts. This is not an article of such nature. There are many websites where you can find these detailed discussions. 

Since you are probably more of a business type of person, we want to give you a broader more strategic look at Python. In particular, we want to discuss in this article some of the pros and cons of Python for web development. Don’t worry, we’ll cover just the necessary level of detail for you to understand how Python web development can impact your business (hint: it can be very good for your business). 

About Python

Python is a great open-source language that has seen an increase in use in the past years. It can be freely distributed, even for commercial use. Due to its simplicity, it is an attractive alternative for many developers. Although it is highly used in academia and data science, it is also strong in terms of web development. 

At Koombea, we believe Python is a great alternative for web development. However, like any other coding language, it has its pros and cons. Let’s first take a look at its pros, which we believe strongly outweigh the cons. 

Pros of Using Python for Web Development

In general, web development requires coding languages that can easily scale and respond to massive user requests. Remember that you want your website or web app to be able to deliver a great UX. Most importantly, web development needs to prioritize languages that are simple and that guarantee DevOps best practices. By this, I mean that the choice of language for your web project should allow an Agile project management methodology to be implemented. Not doing so might jeopardize results due to inefficiencies, lack of traceability, and inadequate documentation. Luckily, Python helps avoid these problems. 

Easy, Clean, Simple

I’ve already mentioned how it is important for any web project to have a language that’s simple. This really needs to be emphasized for various reasons. First of all, a simple language allows developers to document the project properly. That way, if changes are eventually needed, developers can always look back and understand what was done. This allows the code to be understood easily, thus saving lots of time

Contrary to other languages, Python is very easy to read, even for not so experienced developers. In this sense, Python is very similar to Ruby on Rails, which is also a great alternative for web development projects. 


Scalability refers to your web project’s ability to handle a growing number of users. In other words, scalability ensures that your app will not collapse as it grows. This is very important in the long run. Not doing so may result in rework, which ends up impacting your key business metrics like engagement, costs, and developer hours. Because Python is both a scalable and simple language, maintenance to your code can be done in an efficient way, saving you time and money. 

There are many apps in the market that prove that Python can scale. Just take a look at Instagram and Pinterest. These are two of the most popular apps, receiving millions of user requests successfully thanks in part to the power of Python. 


The fact that a framework like Django exists is a BIG PRO in favor of Python as a web development language. Django is a Web Framework that allows Python developers to work on web projects easily. It allows developers to focus on what really matters instead of having to start from scratch. Like Python, it is a free and open-source tool. 

Thanks to its simplicity and ease of use, Django allows developers to translate designs into functional applications in a fast way. Another advantage is that it is very secure. So if you are considering Python for your business, you can be assured that your web project is in good hands from a security standpoint

IoT Friendly 

If your web project needs to be somehow involved with IoT technologies there is no need to worry, Python has you covered. Raspberry Pi, one of the most popular and best devices used to integrate IoT technologies into real-world applications, is compatible with Python. This is something you need to consider for your IoT strategy. Having your web project in Python is perfect if you wish to integrate it with IoT using Raspberry Pi. At Koombea we’ve developed projects using both Raspberry Pi and Python, always delivering great results to our clients. 

Machine Learning

In case you need your web project to be integrated with Machine Learning algorithms, Python is also a great choice. Many ML projects use Python because of the language’s characteristics, but also because of its rich libraries which make working with data easy. It’s not a coincidence that Python is one of the preferred languages for data science, something that ML uses a lot.

Other Benefits

Python offers other benefits in terms of web development for your business. Enterprise software adoption is one of them. With Python, you can easily integrate enterprise software into your projects, especially if you use other popular coding languages. Lastly, Python is great for helping designers and developers deliver a great UX thanks to its support of graphics. 

Cons of Using Python for Web Development

As with any other coding language, Python also has some cons. However, these are minor details in comparison to its advantages. Let’s take a look at the most relevant ones so that you can understand how they might impact your business. 

Issues with Design

Python may display some difficulties when working with complicated designs. The key to solving this issue is to work with experienced designers and developers that will prevent such problems from arising in the first place. Also, consider that you want your design to be functional and simple, so avoid any unnecessary complications that might affect your web project and its UX. 

Slower than Compiled Languages

It is a fact that Python, like other non-compiled languages, can present some signs of reduced speed. However, this should not be an issue unless you are planning on doing something that requires lots of computational power. If your project involves basic web development features then you should not worry about it. Given the case that you do need a lot of computational power, make sure to communicate this to your development team.


Like any other language, Python can show security issues, although in general, it is very secure; just remember that nothing is 100% secure. In order to avoid any issue, make sure that your team of developers takes the necessary steps to guarantee the code’s security. The right development partner is very important for this. If you perform the right QA tests there should be nothing to worry about. 

Wrapping It Up

Python is a great choice for web projects in general. Its pros outweigh its cons by far. By itself, it has many advantages, and additionally, it can integrate well with other important technologies like IoT and Machine Learning.

In order to guarantee great results, it is necessary to have a great team. Even better, it is necessary to have a great development partner. At Koombea we’ve been helping companies build outstanding web projects since 2007. If you are thinking about how to correctly move ahead with your project, but are unsure of how to proceed, contact us. We can discuss your needs and how Koombea can help you.  

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