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Simple Steps to Great UI/UX

Building a great mobile app takes careful planning and execution. Sometimes having the right user flow can be more important than how beautiful a page looks, and at other times having a beautiful icon might just be enough to get that extra consumer download. At Koombea we help companies build all kinds of apps from beginning to finish. This month we set some time aside to talk with our VP of Product Marketing Ellie Cachette, and leading Designers (Mario Rocchi, Diego Coronado, and Ivan Arango) to get the scoop on simple steps for making sure you have the right UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience) to turn that business idea into a winning mobile app. Judging by the action and being featured on the Slideshare homepage, we suggest you take a look below.

Topics Included:

  • UX vs UI
  • Purposes of UI
  • Purposes of UX
  • Design Tools

Interested in participating in our next webinar? Get your personal invitation or reference our past presentations on Slideshare. Did we mention we have a Spanish version? You can also upload your idea with specs for a fast and quick quote or evaluation here.

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