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7 minutes read

The Top Shopify Inventory Management Apps

By Alvaro Insignares
By Alvaro Insignares
7 minutes read

Shopify inventory management is essential to operating a successful eCommerce business on the platform. Retail businesses long ago discovered the benefit of accurate inventory management software. However, many entrepreneurs and small businesses that have recently started a business using Shopify might not fully understand the importance of inventory management. 

If your business uses Shopify to power its eCommerce store, several high-quality Shopify inventory management apps make inventory tracking, demand forecasting, and cost control easy to manage. This post will highlight a few top-rated Shopify inventory management apps, but first, we will explain what inventory management is and why it is important. 

What Is Inventory Management and Why Is It Important?

Inventory management is the process of ordering, storing, and utilizing the products of a business. Managing inventory gets more complicated when there are multiple locations, multiple raw material components making up a single product, and multiple suppliers. As a result of the complexities of modern business and retail sales, inventory management software was developed to simplify this process for businesses. 

Successful inventory management is a delicate balance between having enough inventory to meet sales demands and ensuring that inventory does not sit for too long and take up valuable warehouse and storage space. As a result, inventory management is of critical importance to Shopify businesses. 

Shopify inventory management ensures that your business is neither overstocking nor understocking products, not overselling products, accurately forecasting product demand, and keeping accurate track of inventory from sales on multiple channels. In addition, good inventory management software helps your business manage cash flow, which is vital to all businesses, especially small businesses fighting to gain a competitive foothold in the market. 

Beyond the business considerations, inventory management is a customer experience concern. Businesses that don’t have items in stock or oversell an item and have to notify customers that their order won’t be fulfilled create a poor customer experience. A poor customer experience will encourage customers to shop elsewhere and hurt your bottom line. 

Luckily, several robust Shopify inventory management apps are available to integrate with your mobile app and online store. Let’s explore some of the best options available to businesses looking for a good inventory management app. 

The Best Shopify Inventory Management Apps 

There are several Shopify inventory management apps available to businesses. We would love to cover every app, but we can’t. So instead, we are going to highlight some of the inventory management apps that are the most popular on the Shopify platform. Remember, your business can also reach out to an experienced Shopify Plus Partner for additional help integrating inventory management tools and designing your store, among other things. 

The best Shopify inventory management apps are:

  • Skubana
  • Stock Sync 
  • Sellbrite 
  • Stocky 
  • TradeGecko


Skubana is an inventory management system built specifically for online sellers. What separates Skubana from the competition is its incredibly rich analytic features and ability to simplify the most difficult aspects of inventory management. In addition, Skubana provides a single dashboard that allows online stores to track and analyze all important metrics across all their sales channels. 

Beyond multi-channel inventory management, Skubana also offers multi-warehouse demand forecasting and automated purchase orders. In addition, businesses can use Skubana’s powerful analytic tools to uncover seasonal sales trends and the true profitability of each SKU in their store. With Skubana integrated with your Shopify store, you can reduce expenses and improve your bottom line. 

Not only is Skubana a powerful tool, but it is simple for beginners to use. Track inventory and sales across Shopify, Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and more. Skubana is sold on a custom pricing model, but the minimum price point is 1,000 dollars. Skubana’s high cost could be cost-prohibitive for small businesses trying to establish themselves in the market. 

Stock Sync 

Stock Sync is one of the most popular Shopify inventory management apps. The Stock Sync app is the highest-rated inventory management app on the Shopify app store by users. Stock Sync’s top feature is its automatic product updating. It can also be used to manipulate product pricing, manage suppliers, sync product information with vendor websites, and bulk export inventory. 

If you have a physical store in addition to your Shopify store, Stock Sync makes it easy to sync inventory levels between the two stores. Using Stock Sync’s REST API, your business can also integrate its inventory with various feed channels. 

If you’re interested in trying Stock Sync for inventory management, they offer a free 14-day trial. After that, paid plans for Stock Sync begin at 5 dollars a month. Stock Sync supports up to 4,000 SKU numbers at the minimum monthly price. Some of the associated downsides to using Stock Sync are the difficulty of set-up and the complexity of utilizing mapping features. 


Sellbrite is an inventory management system that also allows Shopify store owners to sell their products on Amazon, eBay, and Walmart. The Sellbrite app automatically updates inventory levels to prevent overselling through multiple channels. In addition, Sellbrite supports multi-warehouse operations and can be integrated with Fulfillment by Amazon. 

Sellbrite gives users access to a centralized order fulfillment interface. Using this interface, businesses can fulfill orders from all of their channels. Get a complete overview of all your sales no matter where or when they happen with Sellbrite. One of Sellbrite’s strongest selling points is its easy use. Plus, Sellbrite offers a robust customer service team to help troubleshoot any problems that may arise. 

Sellbrite prices range from 20 dollars a month for the cheapest plan to 100 dollars a month for the most expensive option. Sellbrite also offers a free plan that works for up to 30 orders a month. 


Stocky is an inventory management app created specifically for Shopify by Shopify, so you know it will work well with your Shopify store. Stocky integrates with Shopify POS to provide accurate demand forecasting and manage purchase orders. Using Stocky, your business can automatically update stock levels and even transfer stock. 

The aspects of Stocky that make it stand out are the demand forecasting features. Forecast demand based on seasonal trends and receive specific purchase order suggestions based on inventory levels, sales, and more. As a result, Stocky is one of the best Shopify inventory management apps for improving sales and getting full visibility of inventory levels. 

The best part is that Stocky is free for businesses with a Shopify Pro POS subscription. So if you do most of your business on Shopify and subscribe to Shopify Pro POS, there is no better inventory management app than Stocky. 


TradeGecko is one of Shopify’s most popular and simple inventory management systems. Track inventory across all major sales channels and handle issues with order fulfillment from a centralized location. Beyond order fulfillment, TradeGecko also simplifies the customer support process. Plus, set up automatic purchase orders, so your business never runs out of popular items. 

TradeGecko integrates fully with Fulfillment by Amazon. In addition, if you want to track inventory and manage accounting simultaneously, TradeGecko integrates with tools like QuickBooks and Xero. TradeGecko can also generate detailed reports for advanced reporting and in-depth data analysis. 

TradeGecko starts at 49 dollars a month, but for larger businesses, you will need to get a custom quote. 

Final Thoughts 

There are several quality Shopify inventory management apps, but not all will be best suited for your business. For example, if you primarily do business on Shopify and use Shopify PRO POS, Stocky is the best choice for your business. However, if you sell on multiple channels, your business might be better served by Skubana. To get the best understanding of which Shopify inventory management app is best suited for your business, reach out to an experienced app development partner.

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