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6 minutes read

Loan Lending Mobile App Development

By Robert Kazmi
By Robert Kazmi
6 minutes read

Loan lending mobile app development has proven to be one of the most impactful and innovative ways in which FinTech companies can deliver value to their customers. A loan lending mobile app can help your business offer products and services in many different ways, always keeping the User Experience in mind.

Whether your company is a startup or a traditional brick-and-mortar bank, a loan app is a great alternative to increase your bottom line. By having one, your company will also get closer to customers in numerous ways. On the contrary, not having a loan lending mobile app can make you miss some crucial business opportunities that can end up impacting your growth and your brand.

Loan lending apps need to consider some essential factors to guarantee users the experience they expect. The loan lending market is a complicated one. Digital products that want to stand out need to have a clear value proposition or otherwise risk falling into oblivion. That is why in this post, we examine some of the crucial features and aspects of a successful money-lending app.

The Benefits of Loan Lending Mobile App Development

Loan lending mobile apps, sometimes referred to as money lending apps, have become a great success thanks to the number of use cases they can address. Users in need of a loan can easily use a loan app to access a microloan for various purposes, all without the bureaucracy of traditional banks.

Some of the benefits of a loan app include: 

  • Automation
  • Access to finance
  • Use of open banking

Money Lending Apps and Automation

Thanks to innovative scoring techniques and business models, a loan lending app can calculate several important variables such as the default risk, a convenient interest rate for the parties involved, and different payment alternatives for customers, to mention a few. This is quite a deal for an industry that has historically dealt with long and tedious processes.

The best loan apps use Machine Learning to automate some of their tasks. This creates value for both your organization and the users of your loan app.

A Money Lending App and Access to Finance

A loan lending app might sound like something trivial, but some of them are changing the way the financial industry works. When implemented in the right way, a loan lending app has the power to make financial resources available to people who would otherwise be left out of the traditional banking system. A loan app made exclusively for mobile devices can address some of the difficulties companies encounter when massifying access to loans in specific populations.

Although this isn’t the only benefit a mobile loan lending app offers, it is one of the most essential aspects. Other benefits include the ease with which users can use the amount of money in their bank account to manage their expenses as they see fit.

Money Lending Mobile Apps and Open Banking

Another vital aspect of money lending apps is their ability to use technologies provided by other actors in the financial ecosystem. Because of how their business models are designed, many loan lending apps are often referred to as open banking initiatives. This last refers to technologies that third-party financial service providers can easily access to provide other products and services.

A money lending mobile app can use the technology provided by a traditional financial institution to create a solution that addresses a specific user need that is probably not being met by the market. Without a loan app, many financial products would not exist.

Loan Lending Mobile Apps: Features and Critical Aspects

To prevent your loan app from becoming another of many products in the loan lending market, there are some crucial aspects that need to be considered. Although each loan app is unique, some characteristics apply to all of them.

No matter the niche or the problem your loan app focuses on, try to consider the following aspects throughout your loan lending app development process: 

  • Loan calculator 
  • Bank account management
  • Customization
  • User journey
  • Customer Experience

Loan Calculator

Your customers are probably not loan lending app development experts, so don’t make them think when it comes to calculating their loans. Integrate a calculator to help users calculate loan-related information.

Your loan app should help customers understand essential details about their loans, like the interest rate, the amount they will have to pay each month, and other relevant information. To do so, include a loan calculator in your loan app.

Bank Account Management

A loan app isn’t good just because it allows users to borrow money easily. If you really want to make your loan app stand out, try to make it easy for your users to do other financial operations they may need. One of the best things you can do is help them manage their bank account and their loans in a single place. 


Custom mobile apps offer users the best possible experience thanks to their use of native device capabilities and their UI design. The same is true of custom loan apps.

Avoid falling into a generic look and feel. The best loan apps have excellent attention to detail in their design. Although this sounds like a minor thing, it has lots of value regarding how your users perceive your brand.

User Journey

Mapping out the user journey of your loan app will help identify potential pain points users may encounter. By doing so, you will be able to address them so that the usability of your loan app becomes seamless

Customer Experience

All of the items mentioned above can make a loan app excel. Still, if you can’t deliver an overall customer experience, your users will most likely avoid your services. The best loan apps guarantee their users an outstanding experience by ensuring that every aspect of the process is taken care of. 

How Much Does It Cost To Develop a Loan Lending App?

The cost of developing a loan lending app may vary depending on the specific features it has and other vital aspects of the app development process. However, it probably won’t be cheap.

Any loan lending app needs to undergo a series of crucial steps to guarantee that it works fine. Additionally, it also needs to undergo a strict regulatory compliance revision because of legal requirements.

If you are interested in knowing more about the factors involved in loan lending app development, check out our resource on the costs of developing a banking app.

Make Your Money Lending App Succeed

To make your money lending app succeed, it will take more than a checklist of the items shared throughout this article. You will need a true app development partner to help you across the different stages of the loan app development process.

When it comes to building a money lending app, there is a lot to know, and it is best to leave the technical aspects in the hands of experts. Loan lending mobile app development is not a piece of cake, but it doesn’t have to be the reason why your product does not succeed.

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