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7 minutes read

Healthcare Startups to Keep an Eye On

By Robert Kazmi
By Robert Kazmi
7 minutes read

Some of the most exciting health tech innovations are coming from healthcare startups. The MedTech apps that are developed by these startups impact a wide swathe of the healthcare industry, from healthcare providers and medical professionals to pharmaceutical companies and individual patients.  

Some healthcare startups have been using advancements in HiTech, like improved Artificial Intelligence tools, to deliver unique solutions. At the same time, other health tech companies have been crafting innovative solutions to improve health outcomes by identifying pain points in the healthcare industry. 

In this post, we will review some of the best healthcare startups today and see what their innovations do to improve health outcomes for patients and healthcare services in general. 

Exciting Healthcare Startups 

There are far too many healthcare startups that are doing exciting work to review them all here. However, we have gone through some of the most exciting new health tech innovations to bring you a list of the best healthcare startups:

  • Luna
  • Subtle Medical 
  • Medely
  • Grand Rounds 
  • Meru Health 
  • Hyfe
  • CureX
  • Hinge Health
  • Orthly


This healthcare startup brings an innovative approach to physical therapy. Luna matches users with physical therapists on their mobile app. Once a good physical therapist match is made for patients, they can schedule in-home sessions on their own schedule. This makes getting PT safe and most of all convenient and comfortable.

However, care doesn’t end when your session is over. Luna keeps patients and their physical therapists connected through the Luna app. In-between therapy sessions, physical therapists can prescribe exercises, treatments, and answer any questions their patients may have. 

Subtle Medical 

Artificial Intelligence tools are changing every facet of our lives, including health care. Subtle Medical created a suite of intelligence tools that help improve patient outcomes by enhancing radiology images. Not only does image enhancement help improve the images captured by PET and MRI scanners, but it also makes the workflow for technicians more efficient, which also improves the patient experience in the office. 

Subtle Medical has already received FDA approval. This health tech company has also garnered interest and partnered with some of the largest companies and vendors in the tech industry, including Google Cloud, AWS, Intel, and NVIDIA, to help bring its technology to hospitals around the world. 


The COVID-19 pandemic has put a strain on the healthcare industry and made finding good talent hard. Medely is a unique health tech platform. This platform helps connect medical professionals like nurses and technicians with work. The idea for this app acts almost like Uber, but for nurses looking for on-demand work that they craft around their schedules. 

Nurses and technicians can pick up one-off shifts on-demand or even find short-term employment. The platform automatically deposits earnings into the user’s bank account, and it can help connect medical professionals with opportunities in distant cities for the person who wants to travel and explore while they work. 

Medley brings the on-demand economy to healthcare, and it gives in-demand professionals like nurses and technicians the ability to take control of their schedules for the first time in their professional lives. 

Grand Rounds 

This MedTech app is helping simplify the process of finding healthcare providers in your insurance network. Grand Rounds is a great example of creative health tech that eases a user’s life without having to create new technologies. This app gathers a user’s insurance information and medical data and then matches them with the right doctor or specialist in their network. 

Grand Rounds is HIPAA compliant, and it offers a host of other helpful features that include medical spending tracking, wellness articles, and personalized medical tips. This health tech app is improving patient outcomes by helping users find in-network medical care quickly. 

Meru Health 

More people and healthcare professionals are starting to realize the importance and value of mental health services. One of the biggest pain points in healthcare is the lack of access to mental health services for many people, especially those who live in rural areas. Meru Health is trying to change that. 

Meru Health is a platform that offers users a comprehensive virtual 12-week program. The program addresses a host of issues, from depression and anxiety to burnout. Users can also access licensed therapists and psychiatrists as well as get anonymous peer support. 

Meru Health understands that mental health is so often related to other health concerns. This platform also includes biofeedback, mindfulness activities, and exercises to help alter unhealthy habits. Meru Health is bringing mental health services directly into people’s homes and helping expand access to valuable healthcare services. 


A cough can say a lot about your health. As the COVID-19 pandemic has illustrated, a seemingly innocent cough could be an indication of a much more serious health issue. Hyfe utilizes vocal biomarker technology and users’ smartphones to analyze coughs and detect diseases such as COVID-19, tuberculosis, and more. We have seen the strain that the current pandemic has put on healthcare services around the world. 

Hyfe combines a great UX with fast, virtual diagnostic testing. What makes this health tech app really stand out is that it has the ability to track naturally occurring coughs. This is important because naturally occurring coughs provide more data points than forced coughs. More patient data leads to better diagnostic results and better diagnosis. 


At-home diagnosis has been a popular trend among MedTech apps. Not only is home diagnosis convenient for both patients and medical professionals, but it is also more accessible and less intrusive on a person’s day. CureX offers at-home diagnosis for that inconvenience many of us have to deal with as the seasons change, allergies. 

CureX sends users a finger prick kit in order to collect blood samples for testing. Once the results of the blood test come back, users are set up with a doctor to discuss their results and treatment options. The best part is that the appointment with the doctor is completed virtually, so you never have to worry about leaving your home or sitting in an office. 

Hinge Health 

Back and neck pain are common complaints many people suffer from. However, despite how ordinary these pains are, there has never been a health tech app solely dedicated to back and joint pains. Hinge Health saw this lack of support as an opportunity to be a first-mover in the competitive MedTech startup space. 

Hinge Health has created a digital clinic for back and joint pains. Users can find tools and exercises to help them manage their back and joint health at every stage of health, from post-surgery to simple prevention. 

Hinge Health offers one on one coaching with a medical professional to help users manage chronic and acute pains. The platform also includes helpful videos, resources, and more to help users improve their quality of life and reduce their healthcare costs. 


This health tech app helps bring vibrant, straight smiles to people in a process that is nearly human-free. Users have to meet with an Orthly affiliated dentist for an exam, images, and an impression of their bite, but once this is complete, everything else can be handled in the app. 

Users receive dental aligners in the mail and can track their progress and smile directly in the app. Orthly claims to be able to provide dental aligners for less money than traditional providers, and the quality of their products is the same if not better than the alternatives. 

Final Thoughts 

There are many ways to be innovative in the MedTech sector without creating a new technology. The app development process can be tricky, but if you work with an app development partner, you will have a team of experts on your side guiding you through the entire process. There are a lot of exciting healthcare startups out there, and it is time for your business to join them with a great MedTech app.

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