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6 minutes read

Can I Build an App With OpenAI?

By Jose Gomez
YouTube video
By Jose Gomez
App Development
6 minutes read
YouTube video

Many organizations want to build a custom AI app solution to delight users and simplify business processes. 

Organizations that want to develop an advanced AI app solution might be surprised to learn that you don’t need an army of app developers to build a world-class AI app. Instead, your business can build an AI-based app utilizing the AI capabilities developed by industry leader OpenAI.

Why reinvent the wheel when your business could use OpenAI’s advanced AI models to power its AI app solution?

App developers and companies interested in AI app development will want to know more about OpenAI’s API and the AI-powered apps it can build. 

This post will explore everything you need to know about OpenAI’s API, whether you are an app development company or a business seeking to develop a custom OpenAI app. 

What Is the OpenAI API?

API integration is responsible for many of the top services and features common in mobile apps. If you are interested in AI app development, it is far quicker and easier to utilize OpenAI’s API to add Artificial Intelligence features than it is for an app developer to build their own

There are several APIs that are part of OpenAI’s API platform. The most popular and widely used OpenAI APIs in the AI app development process are:

  • ChatGPT
  • DALL-E
  • Codex
  • Whisper 

App developers decide which OpenAI API is best suited for their project based on the app’s idea and the app’s usage requirements. Before using OpenAI’s API offerings, knowing more about the popular OpenAI models and what they can do is helpful.


ChatGPT is the most popular advanced AI solution for natural language content generation in the AI app market. If natural language processing is at the root of your app idea, OpenAI’s API for ChatGPT is the solution for you. 

GPT-3.5 currently powers the ChatGPT API, but OpenAI recently announced the release of GPT-4, which is more powerful and less susceptible to misinformation, hate speech, and other errors that were more apparent in GPT-3.

If you want to handle any task related to language, from text generation to answering queries for customer service, OpenAI’s API for ChatGPT is the most capable and powerful language model available. 


If you want to deploy AI apps that can generate images from text prompts, OpenAI’s DALL-E model is the right API for you. The current version, DALL-E 2, can even edit existing images by adding or removing elements.

DALL-E is a great tool for generating custom images for social media posts or web content. It is also a fun model to play with and can deliver a pleasing User Experience to your target audience. 


Codex is a powerful AI tool that translates natural language into working computer code. Codex can translate language into several popular programming languages, including Python, Java, and JavaScript. 

Whether you are working in Google Cloud Platform or a development framework like TensorFlow, Codex can simplify code writing and reduce the time it takes to produce custom code. 


Whisper is not only a powerful speech-to-text tool but it can also be used to translate many languages into English. Whisper can be the backbone of your app idea and deliver solid performance to users in various ways. 

Any app development company that wants to build an AI app that uses speech recognition should consider using OpenAI’s API for Whisper. 

OpenAI APIs: Some Things You Should Know

Many people want to know how much it will cost them to use OpenAI’s API platform. Each tool has a separate API key, but they all operate on a pay-as-you-go basis

There are separate pricing models for each API. In addition, each API also has performance tiers. For example, ChatGPT has four different performance tiers priced according to performance. 

If you are unsure whether you want to use one of the OpenAI APIs, they offer free credit to try their products and working demos on their website

The Benefits of Using OpenAI’s APIs

Using advanced AI tools in your organization’s software products has several benefits. AI solutions deliver performance that cannot be matched by other tools. The top benefits your organization should know about include the following:

  • Better decision-making 
  • Cost savings 
  • Increased efficiency
  • Improved customer service 

Better Decision-Making 

The advanced AI algorithms in OpenAI’s API offerings can help businesses improve the decision-making process by providing data analysis and in-depth insights.

For example, your business could use the powerful language model in ChatGPT to analyze customer feedback and find underlying trends. With insight into the trends driving your business, you can make better decisions. 

Cost Savings 

OpenAI’s APIs can help your business reduce labor costs by automating repetitive tasks. In addition, since all of OpenAI’s APIs use a pay-as-you-go model, your organization never pays for more than it uses. 

Controlling costs is critical as businesses grow and try to develop new, innovative products. With OpenAI, your business can save money and produce high-quality results. 

Increased Efficiency 

Automating repetitive tasks makes your business more efficient and frees up resources to handle more critical tasks

For example, your business could drastically improve efficiency by using the Whisper API to transcribe all speeches and recordings instead of having an employee perform this time-consuming task. 

Improved Customer Service

OpenAI’s suite of AI APIs can help your business provide better customer service, which will lead to more sales and higher retention rates. Chatbots powered by ChatGPT can answer questions and provide customers with any assistance they need. 

Your app can have a dedicated 24/7 customer support team completely automated by ChatGPT. Of course, difficult problems can be sent to a human representative, but the majority of customer questions and concerns can be handled by ChatGPT.

Final Thoughts 

Businesses that want to harness the power of Artificial Intelligence should consider using OpenAI’s suite of APIs. Add incredible AI functionality to your applications quickly without having to develop your own features or algorithms.

If you want to learn more about OpenAI’s offerings and the possibilities for your application, reach out to a skilled AI app development company like Koombea.

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