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6 minutes read

Business Software Development: When Is it Time to Develop Your Own Solution? 

By Robert Kazmi
By Robert Kazmi
App Development
6 minutes read

Business software development might seem like an enormous and complicated task, but what do you do when existing software solutions are insufficient to meet the needs of your organization?

The business software development process is tailored to meet your organization’s unique needs. Furthermore, if your business is concerned about the time and financial investment required for software development, remember you don’t have to create your own software development business. 

Many organizations may choose to hire an internal team of developers, but many more decide to partner with a software development company. There are many different software development companies with expertise in delivering customized software solutions. 

This post will not compare the benefits of working with a software development business versus the benefits of internal development. However, we will explain why custom business software development is valuable to organizations, regardless of how your company accomplishes it. 

The Business Value of Custom Software Development 

Possessing a custom software solution can be very valuable to your business, especially if it is growing or looking for a competitive edge over its competitors. When it comes to business software development, there are several advantages to custom solutions, including: 

  • Advanced business analytics 
  • More integrated functionality 
  • Increased scalability
  • Threat protection
  • Cost reduction 

Advanced Business Analytics 

There is a lot of off-the-shelf business software that includes advanced analytic features. However, the benefit of custom business software development is that the analytic capabilities can be built specifically for your organization’s processes. 

This gives your organization greater oversight of daily operations and deeper insight into the performance of your business and employees. In addition, when your business possesses a custom solution, it can better understand its customers. 

Data management and analysis have always been important to businesses, but over the last two decades, it has become more valuable as computer programs become more capable of collecting and analyzing data to help organizations meet their business objectives. 

Custom business software is the best choice for businesses that want to fully harness the power of the data they collect. 

More Integrated Functionality 

One of the biggest challenges businesses face is the interoperability of their software tools and business processes. The benefit of a custom software program is that it can be developed to integrate seamlessly with your existing software tools and unique business operations

Not only does integration increase productivity, but it also ensures that everyone is on the same page. Off-the-shelf business software can often integrate with most popular tools businesses use, but these integrations might not be seamless. 

Software development enables your business to build a solution tailored to meet all its unique specifications. One size does not fit all when you are running a business. 

Increased Scalability 

Off-the-shelf business software might be a good choice for small businesses. However, if your business is growing, custom software development is more beneficial because it is easier to scale to meet the demands of your business. 

Whether you hire an internal team of software engineers or partner with a software development business, when you develop custom software, your organization will have far greater control over system enhancements and scalability than it would when working with a software vendor. 

Good business software doesn’t just address the needs of the present. It also needs to be able to support your business over the long term and grow with you. 

Threat Protection

Digital security has never been more critical than it is today. Hackers are always looking for ways to exploit weaknesses and steal sensitive data. While all software is potentially at risk, custom software can offer your business broader threat protection.  

Off-the-shelf solutions used by many businesses represent a more attractive target for cybercriminals. After all, if you can find a weakness to exploit, you can attack many businesses instead of just one. 

However, this doesn’t mean custom solutions are immune to cyber-attacks. While custom business software development gives your organization a slight head start, digital security should still be taken seriously at every step of the software development process. 

Cost Reduction 

Business software development can be expensive. However, custom business software can help your organization reduce costs by reducing manual workaround tasks and creating a more efficient work environment.

In addition, your organization will also realize cost savings when it doesn’t have to pay subscription or license fees for its software. Of course, there will still be support and maintenance costs required for its custom business software. 

While ownership costs might be higher for custom business software, well-developed software will help reduce labor costs over time and make your business operate more efficiently. 

When Should a Business Seek Custom Business Software Development? 

Is your business ready for a custom business software solution? It can be hard to tell sometimes, especially when there are off-the-shelf software tools that work pretty well and can be implemented quickly.

How do you know if your business is ready for or needs a custom solution? Here are some key indicators that it might be time for your business to invest in business software development:

  1. None of the off-the-shelf solutions have the right set of features or capabilities.
  2. None of the available business software integrates seamlessly with your business’s current systems. 
  3. Your business has significant security concerns or handles critically sensitive data that requires a custom security solution. 
  4. You want complete control over the branding and UI of the product. 
  5. The cost of ownership is lower when compared to the subscription or licensing fees of the top business software options. 

It can be challenging to determine the best time to develop custom solutions. However, if any of the above points have come up during your discussions about your organization’s available options, you should strongly consider custom business software development. 

Final Thoughts 

Finding the right business solutions can be complicated. When you can’t find the right solution, developing your own software is likely your best available choice. If you want to learn more about custom business software development, contact an experienced app development partner like Koombea.

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