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6 minutes read

6 Artificial Intelligence Myths Busted

By Guest Author
By Guest Author
6 minutes read

Given the current advancements in technology, artificial intelligence has become a frequent topic of discussion. There are plenty of myths out there that outdo the artificial intelligence facts that ought to be passed across to the masses. Are you wondering what these myths are? Well, keep reading this article, and you might realize that you have probably believed one or more of them. By the time you are done reading the text, you will no longer have the same notion about artificial intelligence. 

It is high time for people to stop the myths of artificial intelligence. Such would make it easy to focus on the creation of technology that does not seem to replace human beings. 

AI is the same as Robots 

Artificial intelligence is being created by carefully integrating human thought. Who would want to create a technology that would replace them? You might have seen robots take up people’s roles in specific production industries. Well, the good news is that AI is not the same as robots.  Robots use the technology of AI to operate. We need AI for robots to exist, and thus, they are two different things. Some professional jobs for making computer simulations require human knowledge. It might seem easy to allocate a robot, but humans understand one another, are creative and know best what needs to be done in a particular job. 

AI will replace your job 

You must have heard rumors of individuals who lost their jobs to artificial intelligence. This does not mean that advancement in technology is a threat to your job. A lot of people have ventured into the use of robots in manufacturing jobs. However, this is not a guarantee that the robots are creative. When you hire an AI writer to manage your work, you may find it challenging to understand what they are communicating. On the other hand, if you hire a professional and talented human writer from sites such as ResumeThatWorks, you’ll get an outstanding result unmatched by AI writers. So, you don’t need to worry about robots taking over human writers as this will take a lot of time. In addition, human beings are known to better understand how the minds of other people’s work, and hence, organizations prefer human writers. 

Similarly, type-writing jobs can quickly be done by robots. However, to minimize errors, they are best when done by human beings. Typewriting machines have been long in existence but require human beings to operate them.


Artificial intelligence Learns by Itself

Artificial intelligence is simply a simulation of human intelligence that is processed by computers. Therefore, robot authors have to create such a simulation hence leading to the impression that AI learns by itself. In the real sense, it would take the effort of a human being to develop a program that seems to learn by itself.

With the idea of artificial intelligence replacing jobs, it would come a time when human jobs will have no role to play in offices and industries. Such a situation would be impossible to occur because the AI cannot learn by itself. People are taking up IT courses due to the need to control the artificial intelligence notion. Experts will be needed to create various programs to run robots.

Machine Learning and AI are the same things

As an artificial intelligence writer, I have done a lot of research on machine learning as not being the same thing as AI. AI deals with the generation of computer simulations that mimic the human mind. Machine learning involves the study of how computers use algorithms to perform specific tasks. Therefore, for an individual to perform an artificial intelligence task, they have to do machine learning. Such would make it easy for them to create the algorithms necessary in generating the computer simulations. 

AI facts indicate that AI might follow specific instructions while machine learning aims at finding out the ability of computers to work without following any instructions. It can be considered as a subset of artificial intelligence since people learn the science of creating statistical models and algorithms to be run by computers. 

AI cannot be creative

Have you been wondering which jobs will AI replace? Well, the answer to this question is simple. Let’s look at a case where employees are expected to be creative to perform a particular task. The success of the job lies in the creative capabilities of the individual performing the task. Hence, given that AI relies on simulations created by human beings, then it makes it impossible for it to be creative. Such is an indication that it will not be able to replace a lot of jobs.

It takes the efforts of IT experts to create the perfect simulations for a particular job. Therefore, without the experts altering the simulation, then the AI would not be able to develop new solutions. Being creative is an ideal skill for most of the job positions. It would require the creation of models and algorithms able to be creative, something which might take long for the work to end.


Will AI take over humans one day?

Most jobs require excellent skills for them to be correctly performed. It would be challenging for AI to have such skills hence making it nearly impossible to take over humans one day. The simulations will always require the efforts of human beings to ensure that computers effectively perform tasks. Therefore, regardless of the number of jobs that get replaced by AI, it would require a lot of effort to ensure that AI completely takes over humans. Such a process would take a long period. 

Most of the automated insight jobs are in the lead of the jobs that have been taken over by artificial intelligence. This does not mean that humans are not needed for such positions. The automated machines have been created by human beings, and hence, more will be needed in the future. Such is an indication that AI will never replace humans since they will always have a role to play.

Concisely, the world is moving to a remarkable phase of technological advancements. Therefore, it is easy for many people to believe in the above artificial intelligence myths. It is time for individuals to understand that human beings have an essential role to play when it comes to the development and running of computers. Regardless of how much technological advancement takes place, it will be impossible for AI to replace entirely the human role in the world. The development of AI will result in new business models, which will, in turn, require new policymakers. Only human beings can occupy such positions.

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