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Cross-platform App

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Koombea offers a wide range of world-class cross-platform app development services so you don’t have to worry about choosing the right operating system.

Cross-platform Software Development

Why choose between iOS or Android? Mobile and web technologies designed to run on various operating systems can help you save time and money throughout the app development process. Using powerful UI frameworks designed to work across platforms, you will be able to deliver a powerful User Experience that is fully functional, no matter the device.

Using our custom Agile software development methodology, we will use a single cross-platform development framework. This guarantees the same code base, which in turn guarantees code reusability for the different versions of your app, reducing your development cost and time to market.

Cross Platform App Development Using React Native

We usually recommend our clients build their cross-platform app using the React Native app development framework.

React Native is one of the best mobile app development tools for native app development in both iOS and Android operating systems. Being an open-source development tool, it combines characteristics of native and web apps to deliver a unique mobile app development experience.

Do you want to build a cross-platform app using a different tech stack? Are you considering Flutter, JavaScript, or any other alternative? At Koombea we are technology agnostic. Contact us and let’s discuss your project.

Our Cross-Platform App Development Experience

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Our team of expert mobile app developers has produced successful digital products for a diverse range of use cases:

The Cross-Platform App Development Process

Building a cross-platform app is similar to the regular app development process but it requires unique expertise. Koombea provides complete end-to-end cross-platform app development services tailored to your needs.


Product Ideation


Product Design


Project Management

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Quality Assurance (QA)

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IT Staff Augmentation

Migration to Hybrid Frameworks

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Considering a cross-platform app? Why not consider a cross-platform app that is also a hybrid app?

Hybrid apps offer the best of web and native apps. When built using the correct development tools, they guarantee a friendly maintenance and code management experience to avoid headaches. We can help you migrate your apps to an ideal cross-platform architecture. This can help your app grow strategically.

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About Koombea

There are many reasons why Koombea might be the right cross-platform app development company for you. We have a number of experts that will help you deploy your app on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Our main strength lies in our commitment to your success. We are not just coders, but a real strategic partner.

These are some of the reasons why our customers prefer us:

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