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Say Hi! Get in Touch

Screwed by your App(ster) developer?

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If you were left out in the cold, we can help.

At Koombea, we are experienced in stepping into digital projects at the 11th hour. We have a proven method to identify, define and implement a plan to bring your project back on track:
  • Identify & resolve technology or organizational bottlenecks
  • Improve communication and manage stakeholder participation
  • Build software, resolve project management issues and bridge resource gaps
  • Build teams and better organizations
  • Identify the right business metrics to measure performance and keep lasting improvements
  • Develop processes that will consistently provide working technology
  • Provide project analysis to identifying challenges and determine suitable corrective actions to rescue your project

What Customers Are Saying

“Outstanding performance in a critical phase of the project.”

Adam Blum - CEO, ACT