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3 minutes read

Nab’s Innovative Website Wins Four Indigo Awards

By Robert Kazmi
By Robert Kazmi
3 minutes read

Koombea recognizes its team and its client Nab for receiving four Indigo Design Awards. This is the result of great effort and dedication to detail and delivering a great design experience. The awards received are: Gold in Mobile Interaction & Experience 2020; Silver in UX, Interface & Navigation 2020; Silver in Interactive Design 2020; and Silver in Website Design 2020.

The Indigo Design Awards are one of the design industry’s most coveted recognitions. Every year the most outstanding projects are chosen by a select group consisting of some of the world’s leading designers. Koombea would like to thank the jury for these awards that were carefully selected from a group of highly qualified competitors.

Koombea is also grateful to its client, Nab, for all the energy and commitment dedicated throughout the process. Finally, Koombea would like to thank its team members who participated throughout this project. These awards reflect their passion to create great products.

NAB Wins 4 Indigo Design Awards

Koombea interviewed Nab’s CEO, Mike White, after winning this recognition:

Koombea: What does it mean to Nab to receive this type of recognition?

Mike White: It is a big deal for us. Nab practically just launched, so being recognized for our team’s effort and design is a great starting point. We still have a lot to learn from our users through constant iteration, but it gets the point across that attention to design is very important.  

Koombea: What do you think the critical success factors were for your project?

Mike White: I would say team communication is a key factor. Being constantly in touch and using the right tools allows teams to work better. Dedication plays an important part too. When you look at all the extra hours of dedication you see the results.

Koombea: What type of feedback have you received about your app’s interface?

Mike White: I guess it’s hard to be completely satisfied. There is always this feeling that there is something else to improve. However, people have been telling us great things. I would say that focusing on the little details can make all the difference when it comes to creating a great experience.

Koombea: How has Koombea helped you achieve this success?

Mike White: It is impossible for us to comprehend everything there is to know about developing a product like Nab. The Koombea Team had the technical knowledge for stuff like usability tests and design. They definitely helped us figure out what worked and what didn’t. They do help bring ideas to life. 

About the Winners

Koombea is a mobile app and web development partner that provides businesses worldwide with custom technology solutions. Founded in 2007, with headquarters in Miami and offices in New York, San Francisco, Chicago, and Barranquilla, Colombia, Koombea has completed over 1,000 projects. Our deep expertise and proven track record with app and web technologies have helped startups, and enterprises bring ideas to life.

Nab is an innovative website that aggregates and sells pop & geek culture collectible products from more than 27 different stores. It offers a wide variety of products from DVDs to collectibles and even vinyl albums.

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