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3 minutes read

Luna’s Mobile Medtech App Wins Indigo Awards

By Robert Kazmi
By Robert Kazmi
3 minutes read

Koombea would like to congratulate its team members and its client, Luna, for winning two Indigo Design Awards: Gold for Mobile App 2020, and Silver in UX, Interface & Navigation. This certifies each company’s commitment to high quality, outstanding design, and delivering great products. 

The Indigo Design Awards are one of the design industry’s most important recognitions. The jury is made up of some of the brightest minds in design from all over the world. Koombea would like to thank the jury for recognizing its team’s efforts within a pool of highly qualified competitors. This recognition is the result of dedication and passion for delivering outstanding results.

Koombea is also grateful to its client, Luna, for all the hard work and commitment. Lastly, this gratefulness is extended to Koombea’s team members that participated throughout the process. These awards reflect their devotion to producing great products.  

Luna Wins 2 Indigo Design Awards

Koombea interviewed Luna’s Head of Technology, Ryan Gaffney, after winning this recognition:

Koombea: What does it mean to Luna to receive this type of recognition?

Ryan Gaffney: I would say it is a recognition for the team’s effort and attention to detail. We’ve been focused on delivering a progressive design-focused experience, so it’s good to know that the strategy is giving results. 

Koombea: What do you think the critical success factors were for your project?

Ryan Gaffney: Part of this comes from having a great design team, which comes from working with a great partner. We’ve never felt our relation with Koombea is the typical outsourcing relation. I don’t think of Koombea as a development company, but rather as an extended team. 

Koombea: What type of feedback have you received about your app’s interface?

Ryan Gaffney: The other day someone told me that our app looked as if it were designed by Apple. For me, that’s a great thing to say, and I guess it reflects our efforts to focus on simplicity, a clear message, and a strong brand identity. It shows that we care.

Koombea: How has Koombea helped you achieve this success?

Ryan Gaffney: As a company, we have a very clear vision of what we want to offer. We have all the technical knowledge of our product, but there are things that we’re not experts in, and we don’t even want to be. Koombea was a major help in everything frontend related. 

About the Winners

Koombea is a mobile app and web development partner that provides businesses worldwide with custom technology solutions. Founded in 2007, with headquarters in Miami and offices in New York, San Francisco, Chicago, and Barranquilla, Colombia, Koombea has completed over 1,000 projects. Our deep expertise and proven track record with app and web technologies have helped startups, and enterprises bring ideas to life.

Luna is a mobile app that allows therapy patients to book at-home sessions with qualified therapists who offer their services. It guarantees a great UX experience for all types of users while benefiting both parties. 

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