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Koombea Recognizes Our Team’s Efforts Throughout 2020!

By Guest Author
By Guest Author
All Industries
3 minutes read

Did you know that small businesses account for 99.7% of firms with paid employees? Yep, that’s right. What’s more, small businesses are assets to their local community’s identity and economic health. At this unprecedented time more than ever, we are proud to be a relatively small company. However, the lifeblood of our success is highly reputed to our amazing Koombea employees.

Since 2007, we’ve been crafting innovative digital experiences and developing world-class mobile, web, and hybrid apps for startups and enterprise businesses. As a software development company, we know the unique challenges that these businesses undertake and pride ourselves in our cutting-edge processes that help create the best solutions. Our team’s values are threefold: passion drives our proactivity, we innovate persistently, and through respect and discipline we protect our culture.

We understand first-hand how challenging it can be to stand apart from other companies. One of the key ways we’ve increased our online presence and validated our accomplishments has transpired through our partnership with Clutch. Located in Washington, DC, Clutch is the leading B2B ratings and reviews platform. Their website features business leaders sorted by industry and locality.

Koombea Clutch review

Since partnering with Clutch, we’ve received 13 reviews and a 4.8-star rating! Through Clutch, our clients can leave unbiased feedback and reviews of our engagements with them. In our most recent review, our team provided e-commerce development for a furniture store called Jamar. César Paternina, the omnichannel manager of the store, kindly took the time to leave us a review. In it, he said referring to us, “They are always very flexible. We make constant changes and they are able to adapt very quickly to our needs.” He continued, “Something they do extremely well is the agile methodology, meetings, follow-up, and stand-ups. In terms of consulting, they are also extraordinary.”

Jamar case study

We’re so grateful to César and to all of our clients who have left reviews. We really appreciate your time and effort! Your feedback helps us improve our current products and services so we can provide even better solutions. Not only does Clutch help support small businesses to compete and promote themselves, but the platform also highlights employees’ contributions. We are continuously blown away by the hard, dedicated work we see from our employees. Koombea would not be what it is without them.

If you’d like to read case studies or check out some of our past work, be sure to visit our portfolio!

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