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6 minutes read

Web Application Design Patterns

By Jose Gomez
By Jose Gomez
App Development
6 minutes read

Web Application Design Patterns are one of the most important ways in which you can help guarantee the success of your web development project. In general, design patterns are a useful way in which developers can implement a solution to common and repetitive problems. Although they are not limited to web applications, they are particularly useful for these types of projects.

Even the best web application developers can sometimes have a hard time when working on a particular project. After all, some web applications can be difficult to build, and there is just way too much information for a development team to handle. 

Thus, the best application design team is not the one that seeks to reinvent the wheel with each project but the one that understands the importance of design patterns for web applications. This seemingly minor detail can help your project be ready on time and within your budget.

In this article, we discuss what web application design patterns are and the benefits of applying them to your specific web application. Hopefully, after reading this article, you will learn the many benefits of using them and be motivated to do so.

Design Patterns Explained

The term Design Patterns is often credited to a group of four authors referred to as the Gang of Four (GOF). These authors include Erich Gamma, Richard Helm, Ralph Johnson, John Vlissides, and Grady Booch. In their 1994 book, Design Patterns – Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software, they popularized the concept of Design Pattern in which they make reference to a set of best practices for object-oriented software developers.

Application Design Patterns can be used by developers as a way to address commonly occurring problems. They offer a general solution rather than a specific one, and although this sounds sub-optimal, in reality, it isn’t. 

A Design Pattern can help a development team understand a problem from a general perspective, allowing them to find a solution by using the methods that developers before them have already successfully used. That is why they are often referred to as best practices.

The Scope of Design Patterns

Design patterns have become a reference for all sorts of software developers, including app developers, and in particular, developers related to web application design. In this sense, it is necessary to clarify that design patterns for web applications, like for other types of software, do not refer exclusively to design aspects in the strict sense of the word. In other words, don’t think of Design Patterns only in terms of User Interaction or User Interface.

Instead, a Design Pattern may refer to a much broader scope, including the code and programming languages being used. After all, Design Patterns are very useful to improve code readability and prevent common issues, among other things.

Design Patterns need to be coded for each new application, as they are only general solutions. However, to avoid reworking certain specific cases, some patterns have been turned into components that can be easily used over and over. This pattern-derived solution helps save a lot of time during any software project.

When it comes to apps, a Design Pattern can be a very useful tool to guarantee a top-quality product. The same applies to web applications. Implementing Application Design Patterns is definitely a best practice to watch out for.

The Benefits of Implementing Design Patterns

Software development teams that implement Design Patterns as best practices to build an app will surely experience the following benefits:

  • Implementation of tested and proven development paradigms for the application design.
  • Flexibility in terms of object creation for specific use cases.
  • Thinking ahead in terms of potential problems and issues that might arise after implementation.
  • Improved readability thanks to code that is often familiar to developers.
  • Reduced learning time for developers who are inexperienced with a particular problem.
  • Overall increased project productivity and efficiency.

Although Design Patterns offer these important benefits, also keep in mind that they are not a specific solution to each and every single problem. Ultimately, developers need to address challenges one by one and adapt their solutions to the particular programming languages they use.

Design Patterns and Web Development

Design Patterns are the results of years of trial and error done by developers who came up with solutions to some of the most common software development challenges. Thus, when a web development team uses one, they are, in reality, leveraging the software development methods built throughout time by other web developers from around the world. 

Like other software-specific domains, web applications can use specific Design Patterns. For the case of web applications, web application Design Patterns can become very useful in terms of application design. However, they are not limited to that.

Web application Design Patterns can help developers not only focus on the application design to build a powerful and functional User Interface for any web application but also to address many common issues even before they happen.

The MVC Pattern

The MVC pattern is one of the most commonly used in any web application to build User Interfaces. The MVC pattern stands for Model View Controller and is a commonly used web application Design Pattern that helps the overall User Experience

Although this Design Pattern was originally used for desktop applications, it has become increasingly popular for all sorts of web applications as it helps to easily build the application design. If you are thinking about building a web application, we highly recommend you consider using it in order to delight your users.

Web Application Design Patterns: Final Thoughts

If you are thinking of building a web application, we suggest you make sure your team follows the Design Patterns as best practices. This will help ensure your application design, including your User Interface, and most importantly, the User Experience. 

Implementing the right web application Design Patterns will help you guarantee the user interaction you want to achieve. However, in order to do so, you have to make sure to use the right design patterns for web applications.

Make sure to validate your project with an expert app development company. Doing so is the best way to guarantee the quality of your project.

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