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5 minutes read

UX in Healthcare: Aspects To Consider

By Robert Kazmi
A picture of a doctor talking to an elderly patient while using her tablet.
By Robert Kazmi
5 minutes read

The use of UX in healthcare is helping improve services and processes, benefiting both patients and healthcare professionals. Medical technology isn’t just about implementing digital solutions for the sake of efficiency. It requires considering the different stakeholders involved to connect patients and health professionals with the solutions they need, when they need them, and how they need them.

MedTech solutions are helping the healthcare industry come to terms with some of the best design practices that help build better health products and services. The best healthcare apps acknowledge this fact. That is why they are developed using a user-centered approach.

By working with UX designers, healthcare technology providers can offer better services and ways to treat patients remotely, reduce the load of an already saturated system, and make better use of medical resources, to name a few of the benefits.

In this post, we discuss how the healthcare industry can implement some of the latest healthcare UX trends to improve its systems.

The Importance of UX in Healthcare

The User Experience isn’t just a fancy business trend that will fade away like many others. Businesses across industries are finding this practice very useful to help them align their digital products to the needs of their users with excellent results.

Healthcare providers are no exception. They have taken notice of healthcare UX design to improve existing systems. By collecting relevant user data, medical organizations, with the help of UX designers, have understood their users better. This, for critical healthcare solutions, means the possibility to literally save lives and improve the wellbeing of millions of people.

Healthcare UX is not an app development trend either. Healthcare UX is concerned with designing the experience people have when they come in contact with healthcare technology. This can include both products and services. Healthcare UX considers patients and healthcare personnel alike.

There are some important UX design aspects that any healthcare app should consider. Before we discuss them, let’s understand the importance of healthcare UX.

Healthcare Technology

Healthcare apps and wearable devices are great. They have the potential to help address problems that patients and medical organizations experience on a daily basis. However, these solutions are only helpful if users can perform the tasks they need. 

It doesn’t matter how innovative a solution is if users cannot achieve what they want and how they want it. That is why companies looking to develop healthcare technology need to consider them when building their products. Failing to do so may result in poor healthcare technology that has no real value to users.

The best healthcare technology can close the bridge between a technological solution as conceived from a business perspective and what users want from it. The best way to do so is through a healthcare UX approach.

Healthcare UX

Healthcare UX helps identify real and potential pain points that can add friction to the user journey of patients and medical personnel. An example can help us understand this better. Consider the user of a healthcare app that needs to perform a critical operation. 

In one scenario, the user finds that the app is not intuitive and, as a result, is unable to perform the desired task. Frustration aside, the user might have some severe consequences depending on the relevance of the incomplete task.

Now consider another scenario where we find the user of a healthcare app that involved UX designers in its development process. Contrary to the previous case, here we see a digital product built using healthcare UX principles. The user can perform the required task without any pain points.

Thanks to its use of healthcare UX principles, the second alternative can deliver a better experience to its users.

Healthcare Apps and UX: Aspects To Consider

Healthcare apps can do more than just help healthcare professionals access medical records or patients schedule a meeting. To make them work properly, keep in mind your users at all times.

These are some of the most critical healthcare UX aspects to keep in mind:

  • Interactive UI design
  • Accessibility
  • Work with UX designers

Interactive UI Design

The User Interface (UI) is one of the most important aspects of any app, and healthcare technology is no exception. Healthcare providers need to consider that whether they want to use an app to treat patients remotely, access medical records, or offer patient-centric services, they need to build an interface that users can use.

Additionally, a UI should reflect a healthcare provider’s brand identity. This helps create brand awareness and adds value to the business aspects of your product.


Healthcare wearable devices and apps are only as good as their ease of use. The best medical organizations understand that not all patients are the same. That is why they focus on guaranteeing accessibility.

Accessibility can be resumed in the ability of a user to use a product or service. This allows different types of users to perform various tasks without encountering pain points along the way. 

Work with UX Designers

It might sound obvious, but many in the healthcare industry fail to understand the importance of working with qualified designers that have the necessary UX skills. These designers are the best alternative to guarantee that your app considers the correct healthcare UX principles. They can help you perform research and turn its insights into actionable items.

UX Healthcare Technology Development

If you are looking for the right tech skills to build your app, you should consider a team that includes UX designers. They can help you improve your User Experience based on what your audience needs. That way, you can deliver a world-class product or service that exceeds their expectations.

A qualified app development partner should provide you with the right team of developers and designers to deliver the proper healthcare UX. No matter what your healthcare solution is, remember that UX in healthcare is one of the most critical success factors.

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