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Interactive UI Design

By Jose Gomez
A team working on a design project.
By Jose Gomez
4 minutes read

Interactive UI design elements are some of the most important aspects your app should consider. Graphical user interfaces can help users achieve what they need to do, aiding you in the process of retaining them. This is very important for your business.

A poorly designed user interface (UI) can increase your app’s churn rate. This isn’t surprising at all. Few things are as frustrating as being unable to use an app the way you want to or being unable to do a specific task. That is why it is very important that you work with qualified interaction designers who can mitigate this risk. An interaction designer can help you understand your users, finding the perfect balance between what your app does and how it should be used.

Your user interface design can contribute to the overall User Experience. Although it might seem like a secondary thing, guaranteeing a superb User Experience is one of the most important success factors of apps.

In this post, we discuss why user interface design matters for your app. Implementing interaction design principles and elements can take your app from good to great.

Interactive UI Design

Modern apps don’t just consider the visual representations of elements on a screen. Thanks to interaction design, apps also take into account user interactions with graphic elements of an app.

Interaction design is a specific area of design that focuses on how users interact with particular products and services. Digital products have benefitted from this by merging the user interface into the overall User Experience. This approach allows interaction designers to bridge the software and the hardware into digital solutions that users love.

Beyond Graphic Elements

It is a common mistake to think of apps only as a set of graphic elements on a screen. From a broader perspective, these elements belong to a more extensive system with which users interact. 

User interactions are more complex than just tapping an icon on a screen. When building an app, the job of an interaction designer is to understand how users interact with apps to determine the best way to make specific actions happen. Understanding the user journey is essential to achieve this. So is performing research that can help interaction designers gain insights into the behavior of users.

User Research

Interaction design involves a considerable amount of research. It is tough to build a successful app if your team does not conduct user research. By doing this type of research, interaction designers can understand better how users interact with interface elements to achieve their goals. 

Interaction designers can choose the right interactive element for a specific situation. This helps address many pain points that might show up throughout the different moments of the user journey.

Your app’s user interface should be thoroughly tested against research findings to guarantee that the chosen interface elements will deliver a powerful User Experience. Failing to do so may jeopardize the success of your app.

Unwanted User Interactions

Assuming how your users will interact with your app may lead to undesired consequences. To avoid this, an interaction designer needs to test your app. Only by doing so will they be able to gather the necessary information that will point out the best way to perform a given task.

Interaction designers can nudge users into certain types of interactions by using specific elements on an interface. This way, they can avoid unwanted interactions, reducing the risk of a negative User Experience.

Why Interaction Design Matters

Interaction design has become one of the most important elements throughout the app development process. Users interact with interface elements to perform specific actions. When they cannot interact with a user interface the way they want to, the results tend to be suboptimal. Frustration shows up, and the User Experience is negatively affected.

Your app’s UI should reduce negative situations where users find themselves struggling to perform a specific task. It is okay for an app to have a learning curve while users become familiar with how it works. However, apps should be as intuitive as possible, reducing friction points to a minimum. The more a user struggles with your app, the more the User Experience deteriorates.

Outstanding Interaction Design for Your App

Ideally, interaction designers work hand in hand with developers, implementing design thinking tools to ensure that every tiny detail of your app’s user interface design is taken care of. By doing this, they help ensure that your User Experience will not be affected.

Contact an app development company that knows about interaction design. They can help you understand your users and translate research insights into a powerful interface everyone will love. Interactive UI design is one of the best ways to guarantee the success of your app.

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