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App Development
4 minutes read

A Top App Developer’s Favorite Apps Right Now

By Robert Kazmi
By Robert Kazmi
App Development
4 minutes read

Thanks to the increasing use of smartphones and tablets, there is currently no shortage of apps that help with productivity, forming habits, and maintaining organization.

Do you need food delivered to your house? No problem. There’s an app for that!

On-demand dry-cleaning? Yep. Another app for that.

We have a little insight into this — after all, we spend our days building cutting-edge, customized web and mobile apps for both startups and enterprises.

We asked our very own CEO, Jonathan Tarud, to name his favorite mobile apps on the market right now, and to explain why he loves them so much. Of course, given his experience and passion for innovation, his suggestions sparked our interest.

Our CEO’s Favorite Apps Right Now

1. Lire

“I love RSS readers,” says Jonathan. “Supporting Feedbin is a must for me. Lire works great with Feedbin, and it features are rich without getting in the way. Overall, it’s just really well designed.”

2. Overcast®

 ”Overcast is my go-to podcast app,” claims Tarud. “I just love it. Fast. Reliable. And more importantly, the developer, Marco Arment, talks about the development in his podcasts. It’s great to know the insights into what it takes to build a great application.”

3. Bear

“Bear is my go-to notes app on iPhone, Mac, and iPad,” says Jonathan. “You can write things down and organize them so that they look good without a lot of work. Your notes can then be easily exported, so I’m not tied down to the service. I’ve been using it for over a year now, and it remains as solid as day one.”

4. ELK

“Elk is great for traveling,” claims Tarud. “It provides simple and very quick currency conversions, especially when you are just trying to get a ballpark.”

5. HealthFit 4+

“HealthFit 4+ allows me to export my workouts,” explains Tarud. “After trying a bunch of different apps that tackle the exportation of your health data, I can say with confidence that this is the best one. I can do a workout and almost automatically send it to other services. Overall, this helps make my health data much more portable.’

6. Headspace

Since I started using Headspace, I’ve had the longest continued meditation streak of my life. Their guided meditations are just great, and they have helped me a lot. This is a great app overall, and it has a tremendous UX.

7. Deliveries: a package tracker

“Deliveries is a simple but immensely useful app for the holiday shopping season.”

8. Spark

“Spark is my favorite mail client right now,” Jonathan explains. “I use it on iPhone, iPad, and Mac. I love it for its simplicity and elegance, and it reminds a lot of the now defunct Sparrow app.”

9. CleanMyMac X

“This one deserves honorable mention. I love keeping things tidy. This app delivers on their promise; it does just that: it cleans my mac!”

10. Flightlogger

“This one is Koombea’s very own flight tracking app! I travel a lot for work, and we have literally been tweaking every single detail for over a year now, with very frequent releases. I’m proud to say that it’s become my go-to travel app.

Final Thoughts

As much Jonathan enjoys these apps, we must admit that our team is only responsible for one of his favorites at the moment.

Developing quality apps is just one of the many things the Koombea team does well. Our team is comprised of strategists, designers, and developers who are committed to creating memorable mobile applications like the ones Jonathan is really digging right now.

Are you considering building, or improving upon an existing web or mobile application? Koombea is here to help! We’ve built countless comprehensive digital solutions for companies of all sizes, and across a variety of industries.

Check out our work, and don’t hesitate to contact us to begin discussing your next app development project!

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