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6 minutes read

Top Tools for Ideation

By Robert Kazmi
By Robert Kazmi
App Development
6 minutes read

Are there tools for ideation sessions that help organizations and teams stimulate the creative process, generate ideas, and track new ideas? Yes, there are several quality ideation tools that organizations of all sizes should take note of. It should be no surprise, with all of the customer relationship, project management, and other software tools available to businesses, that there would be tools specifically designed for everything ideation. 

This post will explore some of the top ideation tools currently available. We will look at each ideation tool’s key features so that your organization can get a sense of which tools will aid your ideation process and help hone creative ideas. 

What Are the Best Tools for Ideation?

Every company has its ideation process. However, honing and tracking the progress of generated ideas can be challenging when you have several projects, large teams, or a lot of creative ideas to explore. For example, a mobile app development project could yield several new ideas worth exploring in some fashion, but without a way to track and manage creative ideas, the best ideas could be lost. 

This list of ideation tools is not exhaustive, but it includes some of the most popular options currently available. If you want to best capture the generated ideas from a good ideation session, these tools can help:

  • Miro 
  • Coda
  • Accept Mission
  • Ideanote
  • Brightidea


Miro is a digital whiteboard perfectly suited for the ideation process. Collaboration is the driving force behind Miro. On the platform, users can create new ideas, add comments and start discussions on submitted ideas and concepts, and more. Miro even allows users to upload outside files on the platform, such as prototypes, PDFs, and spreadsheets. 

Miro offers several pre-made ideation templates to stimulate the creative process and encourage collaboration. The platform can even be used to deliver presentations and take note of generated ideas in real time. 

The top-end features that make Miro one of the best ideation tools include live voice and text chat with video capabilities, real-time visual collaboration, freehand drawing capabilities, and cloud-based storage. Miro allows your team members to work remotely and contribute great ideas whenever they pop into their heads. In addition, organizations can utilize the administrative controls on the platform to manage which team members can see specific projects, comments, and new ideas. is an idea mapping tool that gives organizations a simple visual representation of new ideas. The primary emphasis of is idea generation. As a result, the interface of this platform is sparse, giving users space to think and generate ideas. The mapping features that drive make it easy for team members to share their ideas and comments throughout the ideation process. allows users to create private idea maps and shared maps for collaborative efforts. The platform allows users to share their private idea maps with other team members through email or social media. Team members can immediately see changes and other comments on their maps, which fosters collaboration. 

The features that set apart include an interface with minimal distractions, browser-based for user access anywhere there is an Internet connection, presentation features to quickly go from ideation to presentation, and several supported file types. also includes administrative features that allow organizations to manage their teams remotely. 


Coda is a document editor, but with several collaborative features, it is much more than Google Docs or Microsoft Word. The Coda platform offers several high-end building blocks that give teams abilities more aligned with an application than a document. Create tables that communicate with one another, buttons that take action inside or outside the document, and more. 

Coda can be used by your Agile development team to help them launch new products, it can be used by your management team to scale your business, or it can facilitate collaboration and spark the creative process. Coda is whatever your company makes it. 

Coda starts with a single doc, but it can grow to meet your needs no matter how large they become. Your company will never be able to outgrow its Coda document. There are so many impressive features and tools included in Coda. To best understand everything this platform is capable of, your organization needs to explore it. Coda is great for ideation but is much more than an idea management tool. 

Accept Mission 

Accept Mission is an innovation platform designed to improve the success rate of ideation sessions and new ideas. Accept Mission allows organizations to streamline the idea generation process by providing a single platform for collaboration and management of ideas and initiatives. In addition, the platform allows organizations to host ideation sessions directly on the platform. Combined with a virtual whiteboard, users can collaborate in real-time on the platform remotely or in traditional ideation sessions. 

Accept Mission offers an app for mobile and web, so users can participate in idea generation efforts on all of their devices. The platform can be fully customized with your organization’s branding, and custom fields and processes can be created. One of the most exciting features of the Accept Mission platform is gamification. Users can contribute anonymously and work on ideas and tasks with fun features like timers, goals, exp points, and leaderboards. 

Accept Mission gives your organization a complete overview of all projects and new ideas. Actively monitor and improve new innovative ideas with this customizable platform. 


Ideanote is a straightforward idea management platform designed to help organize, collaborate, and assess new ideas. Ideanote has a simple interface that encourages the focus to remain on idea generation. Although simple, Ideanote offers many features and functionalities that can benefit your organization. 

The top features of this platform include idea ranking so team members can voice their opinions on the best ideas, task lists that can be customized by team members, gamification features to engage employees, and real-time collaboration tools. Ideanote is a comprehensive idea management and collaboration tool to help your business generate its next great idea. 


Brightidea is one of the most popular idea management and innovation platforms globally. This platform is designed for businesses that want to hear everyone’s opinion but also back up new ideas with business analysis so the top ideas can be prioritized. Brightidea strives to ensure that your organization’s best ideas are always heard. 

Brightidea is built for businesses of any size. The platform can scale to meet your current needs, and with new whiteboard features, your team members can effectively communicate and collaborate no matter where they are. With Brightidea, you can take your organization’s innovation efforts to the next level. 

Final Thoughts 

Generating new ideas is not always easy. However, when you utilize ideation tools, you give your business a better chance of capturing and honing more good ideas from your team members. If you want to learn more about what tools for ideation your business should be considering, reach out to an experienced app development partner.

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