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7 minutes read

The Benefits of Augmented Reality Development

By Jonathan Tarud
By Jonathan Tarud
7 minutes read

The benefits of Augmented Reality (AR) cannot be denied. This technology has come a long way since it was first introduced to the world in the mid-60s. What once was a HiTech dream has become an affordable and popular development technology available to the general public. 

Augmented Reality development has become so widespread that most people don’t consider it an exotic ability anymore. This is positive news for businesses looking to invest in Augmented Reality because it means that the general public is comfortable using the technology and won’t be alarmed when it is used to deliver new and innovative services.

The last thing your business wants to do is invest in technologies that the public is skeptical of. However, AR technology is here to stay, and its capabilities are constantly improving. This post will explain the benefits of Augmented Reality development and AR experiences

The Benefits of Augmented Reality Apps

Augmented Reality mobile apps are pleasing users in various industries, from gaming and entertainment to eCommerce and manufacturing. If your organization is unsure if investing in Augmented Reality is right for it, consider the benefits of Augmented Reality apps, such as:

  • Improve user engagement 
  • Deliver unforgettable experiences
  • Stand out from competitors
  • Improve employee training
  • Reduce cognitive load 
  • Minimize language barriers 

Improve User Engagement 

When Augmented Reality started to become more popular, many considered the technology to be solely for gaming or entertainment purposes. However, this technology quickly expanded into other industries, and one of the main benefits AR delivered to the businesses that adopted it is heightened user engagement levels.

There are several ways organizations can use Augmented Reality to improve engagement online and in-store, including scannable QR codes and product labels, interactive advertisements, immersive product catalogs, and creative store signage. One effective strategy to further enhance user engagement is by enabling them to create custom QR codes easily. These QR codes can redirect users to immersive product catalogs or interactive advertisements, enriching the augmented reality experience and fostering deeper brand engagement.

Augmented Reality technology encourages user interaction. As a result, engagement is boosted. User engagement is a critical metric for companies in all industries. Typically, this metric is a gateway to other positive benefits and user interactions, such as increased conversion rates and sales. 

The primary challenge of Augmented Reality and engagement is providing users with the right content at the right time that encourages them to engage with your content and fosters brand loyalty. While Augmented Reality is more commonplace today, the technology encourages user engagement because it is still novel and delivers information in an easily digestible manner. 

Deliver Unforgettable Experiences 

Augmented Reality technology blends digital and physical worlds without requiring special hardware or software. As a result, AR creates unforgettable experiences that users can enjoy almost anywhere. Today’s smartphone camera and mobile web browsers can deliver Augmented Reality experiences. 

Unlike Virtual Reality, which requires specialized hardware and software, your organization can offer a unique Augmented Reality experience to everyone that owns a smartphone. AR is not fully a physical reality or digital experience, and as a result, the experiences your organization can create for its users become unforgettable. 

Using location-based services, your AR app can deliver unique content to users in different cities, regions, states, or even countries. One of the best examples of AR apps is Pokemon Go, which enables users to explore their locality, catch virtual Pokemon, and interact with other local users. The content users can access and the Pokemon they can catch vary based on location, time of day, and other factors. 

Even if your business is not creating an AR game like Pokemon Go, it can still use location services to create various experiences for users. For example, imagine empowering users visiting your retail location to view in-depth product details, sales offers, and more by simply pointing their mobile device at it. 

Stand Out From Competitors 

There is a lot of competition in every industry to attract customers and increase sales. Augmented Reality can give your business an advantage over its competitors and help it stand out in a crowded market

Even though Augmented Reality technology is more accessible and affordable than ever, many companies are not taking full advantage of it. Your company can use AR to develop creative marketing campaigns and offer unique services that differentiate the brand in an increasingly competitive and crowded market.

Catching the attention of the consumer public can be difficult. However, Augmented Reality can help your organization create a unique experience, boost engagement, and differentiate itself from the competition. 

Improve Employee Training

Augmented Reality can also be put to good use internally for training purposes. Using Augmented Reality, your organization can create and deliver more immersive employee training programs. AR training apps are great for companies that need to train employees on expensive equipment and encourage problem solving in simulated scenarios. 

Augmented Reality training modules can also help your business evaluate employees and their training progress more effectively. In addition, your company can also measure the effectiveness of the training program with greater accuracy. 

Improved training leads to improving productivity and performance. In certain industries, improved training can prevent deadly and costly mistakes in real-life. If employee training is an area that you believe your organization could improve, exploring the capabilities of Augmented Reality is a good idea.  

Reduce Cognitive Load 

Augmented Reality can effectively reduce cognitive load and eliminate cognitive overload, which leads to frustration and decreased decision-making capacity. For example, have you tried fixing a technical issue or repairing a machine using a manual or support document? If you had little or no experience with the issue or device, it was probably difficult to comprehend the support information while trying to remedy the problem. 

This is cognitive load, and when it gets too high, it can cause cognitive overload, which leads to frustration and impaired judgment. Augmented Reality presents information in digestible chunks overlaid on real-world images. Using AR to fix a problem or troubleshoot a technical issue is more effective because it doesn’t overload a user’s cognitive abilities.

Your business can use AR to help users troubleshoot real-world problems using its app. You can also use it internally to empower technicians and other technical staff to fix issues more easily and efficiently.

Minimize Language Barriers 

We live in a global society. People travel internationally for work and leisure, and with broadening access to mobile devices and technology in general, your business has more chances to reach a global audience than ever before. So how do you address the real-life language barrier?

Augmented Reality combined with Artificial Intelligence can help your business minimize the language barrier for its users and customers. By simply using their mobile device, a user can use your AR-powered application to translate signs, menus, digital information, and other printed materials. Translation expands access, which ultimately increases the potential for your business to make a sale.

Final Thoughts on the Benefits of Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is far more accessible than many businesses realize. If your organization is ready to deliver impressive immersive experiences to its customers, it is time to start considering how you can integrate Augmented Reality into your company’s app. 

We have explored several of the top benefits of Augmented Reality development; if you want to learn more about the variety of ways your business can integrate AR into its offerings, reach out to an experienced app development partner.

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