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8 minutes read

Augmented Reality App Development Cost: What You Need to Know

By Jose Gomez
augmented reality app development cost
By Jose Gomez
App Development
8 minutes read

Many organizations are interested in Augmented Reality app development due to the impressive capabilities of AR technology. As AR app development gets more popular, many businesses want to know how much will Augmented Reality app development cost. 

Augmented Reality apps, like any software, come with an infinite number of different requirements, specifications, features, etc. As a result, it is only possible to accurately estimate how much AR app development costs once all of the details are known. 

It will likely cost your organization at least $50,000 to develop the simplest, bare-bones, basic AR app. On the other hand, highly complex Augmented Reality apps can cost up to one million dollars to develop and deploy. 

Like so many other technology and app development services, the costs of AR app development will depend largely on the complexity of the Augmented Reality application and the AR app development company doing the work. 

This post will examine some of the common factors affecting the cost of AR app development, so your organization can begin to understand what it will cost. 

AR App Development Costs 

Several factors affect the cost of developing AR apps. The most significant factors affecting AR app development costs are:

  • Scope of work
  • Time constraints 
  • Development team experience 
  • Development team location
  • Content design and creation
  • Software licenses

Learn more about these key factors to understand what an Augmented Reality app costs. First, however, you must remember that every app development company will price projects according to their internal standards. 

Scope of Work 

The scope of the work is the most significant factor affecting the cost of developing an Augmented Reality app. The more complicated and time-consuming it is to build an AR mobile app, the more it will cost to develop.

AR apps are no different from other app development projects or tasks that require specialized services. An AR application rich in features and has many custom 3D content and designs will cost more to develop than a simple AR app that doesn’t do much.

Most developers will charge your organization by the hour for its AR project. However, sometimes a development company will agree to an upfront price based on their estimates of your proposed AR application.

However, many companies don’t agree to upfront pricing because they don’t want to overpay, and they want more flexibility if aspects of the AR application need to change during the development process. 

Every company will address billing in its own manner. Before you choose one development company, get quotes from several providers for your custom AR app. This will give you a better understanding of the development market and help your company make the best choice for its AR app. 

Time Constraints 

One thing many companies don’t consider when it comes to the cost of developing Augmented Reality applications is the timeline. Like almost every other service, Augmented Reality app development gets more expensive as the deadline tightens

If your company has a tight deadline and is working on getting its AR app completed quickly, you can expect to pay more. Augmented Reality applications cost enough as it is; make sure you give your development team ample time to complete the project to reduce costs.

Whether you want to develop an AR app or a basic program for your business, rushing is never a great idea. A tight deadline will cost your organization more in development costs and restrict its ability to conduct thorough research, pivot if need be, and develop the best possible AR app. 

Many cost factors are outside your company’s control when it comes to developing an AR app, but time is not one of them. So don’t rush the development of your Augmented Reality app. 

Do a little planning and research, and if you give your team enough lead time, you can reduce some of the development costs. 

Development Team Experience 

When it comes to building AR applications, the more experienced a development team is, the more expensive it will be. This doesn’t just apply to your Augmented Reality app but all development projects and services in general. 

You must expect to pay more if you want the best, most experienced developers working on your AR app. The top Augmented Reality developers are in high demand, so their services will cost more. 

If your organization is struggling to control AR app development costs, it could look to hire less experienced developers and take a chance on cheaper labor. 

However, if you want an Augmented Reality app that represents your brand and works effectively, your organization should try to hire developers who have the most Augmented Reality experience regardless of cost. 

Developing an application is an investment. Why waste time and money developing an app with Augmented Reality if you don’t try and hire the most experienced developers to build it? 

A poor quality app, regardless of whether it has Augmented Reality or not, will only cost your organization more in the long run with maintenance costs and bug fixes factored in. 

Development Team Location

When it comes to building AR apps or any type of software, the geo-location of the developer plays a significant role in the cost of development. For example, developers from the US or western Europe are more expensive to hire than developers in India or China. 

The difference in cost comes down to the local labor market. Wages are higher in the United States than they are in India. As a result, developing AR apps with an American development team will cost more.

Many organizations want to save money and cut labor costs. However, just because offshore Augmented Reality app development might be cheaper doesn’t mean it is the best decision for your business.

For example, working with an offshore Augmented Reality development company in India will present language and time zone barriers that might make it difficult to collaborate or quickly shift the goals of your Augmented Reality project. 

Working with the localized talent to build AR apps simplifies communications and increases collaborative potential. Organizations that are keen to find a solution between onshore and offshore Augmented Reality developers can turn to nearshore development.

Nearshore developers are based in Latin America for American companies and in eastern Europe for Western European countries. Nearshore developers cost more than offshore developers, but they are cheaper than local, onshore developers, and they share a similar time zone and cultural background. 

Your organization can reduce Augmented Reality costs while maintaining development quality by partnering with a nearshore developer. 

Content Design and Creation 

AR applications rely on more than just AR technology to deliver a great experience. Your app needs great AR content to deliver the best AR experiences. Beyond merely developing the application, it must be filled with AR content for users to interact with. 

For example, one of the most popular Augmented Reality games is Pokemon Go. If you are unfamiliar with this game, it generates different Pokemon based on the user’s location and time of day. 

Each separate instance of a Pokemon must be created by a designer. Most AR apps won’t have nearly as much AR content as Pokemon Go, but you will need content to make your application valuable.

In most cases, the developer will be responsible for designing and developing AR content to go into the app. The more AR content you want to create for your application, the more expensive your project will be. 

When trying to determine how much Augmented Reality costs, your company needs to consider the amount of AR content that will need to be designed. 

Software Licenses 

The tech stack used to create an AR solution will affect its total cost. AR applications are built using SDKs (software development kits). SDKs range in price from free to paid.

The right software development kit for your AR solution depends on the type of AR technologies your organization wants to include in its app or project. Your development partner will recommend the AR technologies they think are best for your goals. 

The cost of SDKs should not be a major factor in the total cost of your project, but it is a cost to consider when determining how much your project will cost to develop. 

Final Thoughts 

The only way to get a fully accurate cost estimate for your Augmented Reality app is to speak with app developers. The best strategy is to gather quotes from a few different developers before making a final decision.

If you want to learn more about Augmented Reality app development, reach out to an experienced app development partner like Koombea.

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