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Medical Assistant Apps – Trending in 2024

By Robert Kazmi
Medical Assistant Apps
By Robert Kazmi
6 minutes read

There are mobile apps for everything, even medical assistant apps, to help healthcare professionals deliver quality, convenient medical care. Modern MedTech app development is capable of providing life-saving assistance to healthcare professionals. Medical apps also help make doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals more efficient at their jobs. 

While MedTech apps have been gaining popularity in all of the app stores, not all of these apps were made with healthcare professionals in mind. Let’s take a closer look at the medical assistant apps that are trending right now and examine the features and capabilities they provide medical professionals. 

Trending Medical Assistant Apps

If you have an idea for a MedTech app, it is a good idea to take a look at other successful medical apps in the market and see what key features and functionalities contribute to their overall success. 

Before you begin the app development process, you need to know what your target audience looks like. Are you building an app for consumers or medical professionals? The answer to this question will drastically affect your priorities. Some of the top trending apps for healthcare professionals are:

  • Skyscape 
  • Epocrates 
  • Visual DX
  • Visual Anatomy 
  • Nursing Central 
  • CMA Test Prep


What is cool about Skyscape is that it is more than just a single app. Skyscape comes with a variety of different medical education tools and references. First, there is the Skyscape Medical Library. This library is packed with hundreds of medical resources from 30 different publishing partners. 

Skyscape also includes a skills hub where medical assistants can hone their skills and track their progress. This includes video instruction, links to additional resources, and much more. This suite of programs also includes an EdTech game they call Snap Word, which helps users build up their medical knowledge while playing an entertaining word game. 

Skyscape also includes access to Flash Drive, which is a cloud-based app designed to help medical professionals share important documents and resources with one another. Flash Drive is HIPAA compliant. 

The best part of Skyscape? This app and its related programs are free. 


This healthcare app was designed for everyone, from medical assistants and nurses to doctors and pharmacists. Epocrates is a pharmacological reference software that is also available on iOS and Android. This app is constantly being updated with the latest drug information, which makes it a valuable clinical resource. 

Some of the key features that make Epocrates stand out are:

  • The ability to view interaction profiles and conflicts for up to 30 drugs at once
  • Pill identification 
  • Insurance coverage information for over 6,000 plans 
  • Hundreds of different dosing calculators
  • A searchable ICD-10 code list
  • Clinical guides from specialists 

All of these popular features are included in the free version of this medical app. Medical assistants and other users of Epocrates can unlock additional premium features for $17 a month. These additional features give users access to disease information and recommended treatment regimens, lab tests, and alternative medical options. 

Visual DX

This application was initially built for the web, but a mobile version of this app is also available now too. Visual DX provides graphical diagnostics on the spot. This app relies on Machine Learning, AI algorithms, and traditional medical knowledge to deliver diagnostic support. 

Not only does Visual DX offer a likely diagnosis, but it also provides recommended procedures and follow-up tests in order to confirm it. This app has an impressive medical image library of visual diseases and the myriad of variations that have been recorded. Visual DX also includes educational and reference materials as well. 

This medical app is not free. It costs anywhere from four to five hundred dollars for a year of access, but institutional plans are available that could lower this cost for hospitals and health networks. 

Visual Anatomy 

The Visual Anatomy app is one of the most comprehensive anatomy apps available anywhere. The UX/UI design on Visual Anatomy is intricate. It allows users to view every single part of the human body at every layer and possible configuration. This app also includes a built-in 3D feature that gives users the ability to zoom in on and rotate around every inch of the body to get a complete visual of how everything comes together physically. 

Many of the images on Visual Anatomy also come with animations so you can see the interactions between different layers of the body in great detail. Not only is this app a great reference, but it was also designed to be a study guide for those who are studying medicine. 

There is a free version of this app available to download, but premium versions of the app come with enhanced content, pronunciation guides, bone markers, and more. 

Nursing Central

This is a combination of five different tools, all designed for nurses and medical assistants. This is an all-purpose app that provides users with dosing guides, visual disease guides, procedural references, and more. 

Nursing Central provides ongoing education resources and a handy tool for nurses practicing in the field. This app is not free, but it is a great resource for students and professionals alike who are working as medical assistants. 

CMA Test Prep

This app is a test prep app for those who are about to take the certified medical assistant exams. This app was created to give users experience before taking the CMA test. Currently, this app is only available on iOS devices. It is free to use, but there are in-app purchases that unlock more content.

This is a great app for those studying for the CMA test because it not only tells users what they got right and wrong, but it also explains the solution to them as well. 

Final Thoughts 

If your organization is looking to develop a MedTech app for medical professionals, it is a good idea to see what apps and features are already popular in the industry. If you need help realizing your app idea, speak with an app development partner. A partner can lend you industry experience and technical expertise as you bring your medical assistant app to life.

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