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App Development
2 minutes read

Why Choose Koombea as Your App Development Partner?

By Robert Kazmi
By Robert Kazmi
App Development
2 minutes read

According to and G2 Crowd, for the past several years Koombea and Appster have been taking turns being recognized as leaders in the category of Top B2B Service Providers, as well as various other categories.

Above and beyond the recent news of Appster’s collapse, Koombea is generating strong partnerships with MedTech services such as Luna Care and FinTech solutions like Payix, in addition to evolving its own API integration businesses.

The success in these partnerships validates Koombea CEO Jonathan Tarud’s strategy to reinvent Koombea as the best global software development partner of choice.

By and large, Koombea is a company that is immune to issues such as a lack of knowledge of the latest tech stacks, over committing to customers, and poor corporate financial planning.

The same cannot be said for Appster, who struggled with their reputation as an app factory after consistently delivering broken code and bad designs. Some of their clients complained of being left tens of thousands of dollars out of pocket for unfinished, poor-quality apps. These businesses are now left empty-handed, unable to recoup their investments.

Marketing hype, large company size, and investor backing do not always mean you will get a quality outcome from a development partner, and this has been Appster’s biggest criticism as of late.

Koombea, ironically enough, has avoided much of this scrutiny. While business owners around the globe are scrutinizing app developers, Koombea has managed to stay out of the fray, mainly due to it’s 11+ year proven process, and commitment to delivering high-quality products and clean code.

When you are a tech business, marketing is not enough. You have to have the necessary management and technical proficiencies in place to be successful.

At Koombea, we have team of developers who are experts in a diverse range of fields, and who are able to take an entirely consultative approach with each and every one of our clients.

Appster’s collapse should serve as a warning to entrepreneurs and businesses to choose your app development partner wisely.

If you are looking for a breath of fresh air, no sales talk, just ideas, honest facts, and great tech, contact Koombea today.

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