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5 minutes read

Know them or miss out- Uprising women in tech

By Robert Kazmi
By Robert Kazmi
5 minutes read

Hold onto the roller coaster, women in tech are growing fast. But who do you need to look out for? Below we celebritize the top women in telecommunications, entertainment, publishing, advertising, and digital development. (We also include their Twitter handles so you can follow them religiously.) Most of these women have a lot to offer, so follow them or miss out.

  1. Shaherose Charania is the CEO and Founder of @women2 . Women 2.0 is a media company that gives content, communities, and (what Charania is really good at) conferences for women entrepreneurs. It has become one of the most reliable places to find stories from successful female women who tell their own stories. Even though it doesn’t run on advertising it has become profitable through conferences and membership plans. Shaherose’s goal for Women 2.0 is to be aspirational to readers whether or not they actually decide to start their own business or not.

  2. Sindhya Valloppillil is the Founder of Helix Men. If you don’t know about her, learn a bit about her personality in the article, “The game taught me the game.” It gives you a great glimpse into the fact that Sindhya doesn’t give a sh*t about what people say and will stay true and opinionated to her word. We like her style. She founded Helix, a soon to be ecommerce website for male grooming for the professional man. A women knows what a man needs. Am I right? Follow her on Twitter: @Sindhya

  3. Simone Brummel Huis is the Founder and CEO of The NEXTWomen. What we love about this company is that it’s basically a global hub for the woman entrepreneur, investor, and executive. NEXTWomen gives industry news, features female “heroes,” and conducts interviews. Through her company’s Twitter account @thenextwomen, Brummel Huis gives lessons to women to succeed as entrepreneurs in the start-up and corporate world. Follow: @thenextwomen

  4. Maria Poveromo is the Senior Director of Social Media, Analyst Relations and Public Relations for Adobe. Maria understands brands and how they can make the best on ROI digitally. Maria Poveromo shares great insight on programs to engage influencers across traditional and new media channels, identifying the latest digital and social media trends for business. Follow her on Twitter: @mariapoveromo

  5. Rachel Sklar is a CNN contributor, New York-based media blogger and co-founder of Change the Ratio. Change The Ratio seeks to give visibility for women in tech and media. Some of their latest blog posts feature Melissa Harris-Perry (one of my personal, favorite authors). Sklar has had the past as being a blogger goddess as she writes for huge publications such as Glamour, The New York Times, and the Chicago Tribune. Follow her: @rachelsklar

  6. Leslie Bradshaw is an American businesswoman, digital strategist, and the former Chief Operating Officer, President and Co-founder of JESS3 and now the Chief Operating Office at Guide. Boy does she have a lot on her plate! Guide is a startup that focuses on on translating online news text into streaming audio and video. That sounds pretty tech-savy, doesn’t it? Look out for her and Guide. @LeslieBradshaw

  7. Kathryn Minshew is the CEO and Co-founder of The Muse, a career-development platform. The Muse gives career advice, a job search, career paths, management, tools and skills, and even a chat break room. The platform is great and one that we check regularly so make sure to add yourself to the mailing list. A great CEO makes for a great company and Kathryn really exhibits that. Follow her on Twitter for CEO advice: @KMin.

  8. Laura Gluhanich & Fiona Tang are the Co-founders of Signal Camp. Signal Camp manages strategic marketing and community programs for tech startups of all ages and sizes. Laura has a particular passion of helping to grow startups in the community and building relationships with their users. Fiona spent most of her career in the marketing field and she has a lot of specialty and skills that work on behalf of managing her and Laura’s company. Her Tweets are mostly marketing and business inspired so she’s good to follow if you’re into that kind of thing. Follow her at @yayfiona… Laura’s Twitter? @LauraGlu

  9. Katrina Lake from Stitchfix. Katrina’s goal is to make women feel confident. Speaking of confidence, she founded Stitchfix, which is basically your personal stylist. It was founded back in February 2011 and has had tremendous growth since (Katrina raised 12 million dollars.) What’s so great about Stitchfix is that “it tracks and learns from each client’s preferences, likes, and dislikes making it the only shopping experience that can know women’s tastes even better than their friends.” This tech is on the rise and is something super cool to look out for and to try right now. Funny fact, she actually worked at before her big debut at Stitchfix (See woman #11). Follow her on Twitter for fashion-tech updates. @kmlake

  10. Jess Lee is the founder of She was a former manager at Google so it’s easy to see she already has an upper hand in tech. Originally a prototype, Polyvore is becoming something huge. What makes it different? It’s not just an e-commerce site, it’s a SOCIAL commerce website. A small un-known fact about Jess is that she wasn’t the original developer, but an actual user of Polyvore that loved it so much she emailed product suggestions and eventually became recognized as a co-founder. How often does that happen? @jesskah

Thanks to the women above, the strengthening of women in tech is growing fast. They are kick-ass women and their upcoming work is nothing short of extraordinary. With women like this, it’s almost crazy to think that women hold only 3% of clout positions in telecommunications, entertainment, and advertising in the U.S.

Author: @keswanberg

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