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6 minutes read

The Future of mCommerce: 4 Predictions

By Alvaro Insignares
By Alvaro Insignares
6 minutes read

The future of mobile commerce, also known as mCommerce, is something that retail companies should keep an eye on. By preparing for the future of mCommerce, retailers can stay ahead of the industry’s curve and build powerful mCommerce apps that please their customers.

Retail app development has become one of the best ways for companies to compete when it comes to eCommerce, and more specifically, it has become a way to push forward the growing segment of mobile commerce.

In this post, we will discuss what mobile commerce is, and most importantly, some predictions so retailers can compete in this segment through the use of mCommerce apps. 

What Is mCommerce?

Online shopping has revolutionized how retail works. Thanks to eCommerce, companies can stay in touch with their customers in a more personalized way, giving them a better service across all the different channels available. This has led to an improvement in the shopping experience.

One of the most important segments of eCommerce is mobile commerce, that is, commerce that is done through mobile devices; this is mostly done through mobile apps. Because customers carry around their phones and other mobile devices everywhere they go, mobile commerce has become an important way to stay in touch with them. This gives mobile users the possibility to access your products at any moment through shopping apps. It also gives you the possibility to strengthen your brand through a powerful online shopping experience.

The Importance of mCommerce

Mobile commerce sales represent only one of many eCommerce segments. There are other alternatives for customers to shop online, like buying directly from a browser. However, when it comes to retailers, mCommerce apps are probably the most attractive alternative for eCommerce.

This segment has the power to strengthen ties between your brand and your customers, and it allows you to retain control of the different aspects of the customer journey.

Mobile Commerce Apps

Contrary to a traditional eCommerce store, mobile commerce shopping apps, also referred to as mCommerce apps, allow retailers to deliver customers a more powerful online shopping experience. A mCommerce app offers great customization options and runs directly on the device, helping build a better User Experience.

A mCommerce app allows retailers to add many different functions based on the shopping experience they want to deliver. Functions like augmented reality and Machine Learning are some of the most popular ones, and they will surely define the future of the industry.

Although adding more functions to an app increases development costs and the time to market, it easily pays off in the long term. mCommerce apps with features that are thought out specifically for your brand’s customers have a greater engagement, and this means stronger brand equity which in turn translates to greater sales. 

Mobile Commerce Competition

There are many opportunities for retail brands when it comes to mobile commerce. However, there are also many challenges. Any company can compete, not only from the mobile commerce segment but also from eCommerce. This makes it difficult for any company to stand out.

To differentiate yourself from other mobile commerce apps, you will need to develop your app with an experienced development team. Ideally, it is best to find a company that follows a strategic development partner approach, because that way you will guarantee that your app is always up to date and relevant for your customers. 

It is hard for any retail company to have the necessary resources to build an app. By finding an ally, you will be able to move forward with your app, leaving competitors behind. 

mCommerce Predictions

Through mobile commerce, your users can make the most of their shopping experience. However, competition will be fierce. Understanding the future of mCommerce will help you strengthen your competitive edge.

These are our predictions for the future of mCommerce:

  • Increased online shopping
  • Customized shopping apps
  • It is time for augmented reality
  • The rise of mobile payments

Increased Online Shopping

It is expected that online shopping will keep growing in the coming years, along with the mobile commerce market. To stay competitive and relevant, retailers will have to find new and innovative ways to stay in touch with their customers. A mobile commerce app will be the perfect way for you to do this, no matter the retail niche your company is in. 

Many customers are still transitioning from traditional sales channels to online ones. Right now is the perfect time to take advantage of the opportunities in the mobile commerce market to position yourself as a key player for your customers. 

Customized Shopping Apps

Although there are many different alternatives when it comes to reaching your customers, a mCommerce app is usually the best alternative. This means that customization will be king since a mobile commerce app allows you to customize your app according to your brand. Making use of your brand as a key differentiating factor of your online sales strategy will become extremely important.

It Is Time for Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is expected to be a game-changer for the retail industry. This will allow for a complete redefinition of online shopping. Although it will take time before users start using this technology regularly, companies are already starting to experiment with it. 

As mobile devices become more powerful, users will be able to experience new and innovative ways of shopping. Retailers need to take notice of this and make the first move.

The Rise of Mobile Payments

Just like online sales channels will continue to grow and consolidate themselves, so will mobile payment technologies. This has important implications for the entire retail industry. One of the most important ones is the possibility of selling directly to consumers without the need to use complex software tools.

It is important to integrate the right mobile payment technology into your mCommerce app in order to guarantee the right User Experience in terms of checkouts. Try to keep it easy and reduce potential friction points that may make it difficult for the users to acquire what they want.

Build the Future of mCommerce Today

The future of mobile commerce is closely related to the evolution of shopping apps. The companies that are able to engage their mobile users through their app will be the ones who survive the rising competition in online retail. 

Being informed of the most recent industry discussions is a must in order to compete. Stay up to date with the latest retail trends by visiting our blog or subscribing to our newsletter.

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