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2 minutes read

Common Product Roadmap Mistakes… Don’t Make Them

By Robert Kazmi
By Robert Kazmi
App Development
2 minutes read

Most mobile app product managers understand that the product roadmap can be your best friend or your worst enemy. However, we understand where things can go wrong, and we pay particular attention to the product definition stage. This is a crucial step that occurs before development even starts. When drafted the right way, the roadmap can help explain how you’ll achieve your vision. Roadmaps can make all the difference; when drafted correctly, they demonstrate your climb to success, but if done poorly, they can clog up your timeline with redundant deliverables, bad UX, and unattainable goals.

Here is a list of common product roadmap mistakes and how to avoid them.

Confusing roadmap with requirements

The roadmap should not include the plan for delivering upon the functionality—nor your list of bug fixes. While it’s important to address these, you should do so on a separate document and incorporate them into your release cycles or sprints as they come up.

Focusing on features

Your roadmap should be more than just a list of features. This is meaningless to most people outside of the development team. The roadmap should make it obvious how things will be improved for your customers, organization, or shareholders. It should tell a convincing and realistic story about the likely growth of your product. Focus on delivering value.

Prioritizing on instinct

Product managers and product people in general have good instincts for their market. But it’s hard to get buy-in based solely on instincts. Instead, it’s best to use a weighted scoring method to derive a numeric value for each feature and item. You should be able to tie everything in the roadmap back to the strategic goals. Instincts are not enough.

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