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6 minutes read

Mobile App User Acquisition Strategy

By Robert Kazmi
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By Robert Kazmi
6 minutes read

Having an app user acquisition strategy is a crucial aspect of any app development project. This is even more important when it comes to a mobile app. You may have a great digital product with a unique and powerful value proposition, but if you fail to acquire users, your project may never lift off. After all, user acquisition strategies are a safe path to growth.

Clearly identifying your acquisition channels is very important, but it is only one of the various aspects to consider for a successful app user acquisition strategy. App marketing, having a clear plan of action for social media, and focusing on app store optimization are just a few of the things that your user acquisition strategy needs to consider.

In this post, we discuss what an app user acquisition strategy is and, most importantly, the aspects that you need to consider to guarantee a successful one.

What Is a User Acquisition Strategy?

A user acquisition strategy, also known as a UA, is a marketing-driven way in which a digital product adds new users to its audience so that they will reflect on the bottom line. User acquisition strategies may vary based on the type of digital product, its audience, and the industries it serves.

An app user acquisition strategy is a particular type of user acquisition strategy that focuses on apps. Much like modern marketing, design, and branding strategies, in a UA strategy, users are attracted and engaged to an app. Each strategy is unique.

Initially, they are driven through a journey where they pass through different stages. This helps guarantee that the audience is always growing and properly nurtured. This is sometimes referred to as an inbound marketing strategy.

What Is Mobile Acquisition?

When it comes to a mobile app, certain specific elements need to be considered. Because of this, an app user acquisition strategy for mobile apps is often referred to as a mobile acquisition strategy.

A mobile app differs from a web app in numerous ways; read more about the differences between web and mobile apps. A user acquisition strategy needs to reflect this in order to address mobile app-specific issues. Although you may increase your app’s user base without addressing mobile-specific concerns, by doing so, you will be optimizing your strategy. 

More than Marketing

It is a common mistake to think that a user acquisition strategy is the same as having a marketing strategy. App marketing is important, and it does play an important role in any app user acquisition strategy. The latter consists of the following strategies:

  • App marketing: this focuses on communicating and convincing the user why they should download or purchase your app and its related product or service.
  • Design: your app should communicate clearly to the user why they should use it. 
  • Branding: a brand is a way to establish a relationship with users. The brand that encompasses your app should generate trust. 

How Do I Attract More Users to My App?

These are two important ways in which you can attract more users to your app:

App Store Optimization

An important way to attract more users to your app is by increasing its visibility. To do this, one of the most important things you can do is app store optimization; make sure to check out our guide. App store optimization is similar to search engine optimization (SEO), but it looks to position your app in app stores so that users can easily find it, understand what it does, and subsequently download it. 

Think of app stores as acquisition channels. You want potential users to be able to find your app in the Apple App Store and the Google Play store.

App Marketing on Social Media and Ad Networks

Another crucial thing to do is social media app marketing. To do this, take the time to understand your target audience and the social media channels they use. You can think of these as user acquisition channels, but you must first attract them before acquiring them. You can promote your app by making use of social media ads, but you can also target them through specialized ad networks based on their interests.

Social media app marketing does not necessarily require you to spend money on ads. You can also make your app visible through organic content. Make sure to understand what your users value and generate content based on that. This may not be as effective as paid social media or ad networks, but it is a great way in which app marketing can help position your digital product in the eyes of potential users.

How Do You Increase User Acquisition?

Many people wonder what mobile user acquisition is. As I already mentioned, a mobile app does not work in the same way as a web app. For your app to acquire users, it needs to meet certain mobile app-specific criteria.

Mobile user acquisition requires the following:

  • A powerful User Experience (UX)
  • Rigorous QA testing
  • Keeping track of app marketing KPIs

A Powerful User Experience (UX)

The User Experience of an app matters a lot. You may have figured out how to attract users to your app, but if you can’t engage them, you are not acquiring them as users. Make sure to make your app easy to use, accessible, and do not forget to make it reflect your brand.

Rigorous QA Testing

Guaranteeing that your app is free of bugs or other potential threats is essential to guarantee a high user acquisition. Users may not notice if your app works fine, but they will definitely uninstall it if they do not see that it meets their expectations. Performing the right Quality Assurance (QA) tests is essential to acquire and retain users.

Keeping Track of App Marketing KPIs

Understand your acquisition channels, but most importantly, make sure to monitor your results. If you don’t do this, you will not know if you are targeting the right user acquisition channels or which ones work better than others. Mobile user acquisition can get expensive rapidly, so keep track of the app user acquisition cost.

Final Thoughts on App User Acquisition

There is no one size fits all formula to guarantee that you will acquire users for your mobile app. However, keep in mind that if you have a solid app user acquisition strategy, you will be able to perform better. 

Mobile user acquisition is not easy, but you can always find someone who knows how to do it. An experienced app development company that knows how to develop an outstanding mobile app will surely know how to increase your app user acquisition. 

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