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App Development
7 minutes read

The Fundamentals of App Development for Startups

By Robert Kazmi
By Robert Kazmi
App Development
7 minutes read

App development for startups is different from traditional app building for enterprises. Unlike large mature companies with a validated business model, startups need to be able to explore the market and adapt quickly. Startup app development plays a vital role throughout this process.

If you are growing a startup, no matter the industry, you will eventually need a software development company. More specifically, you will surely need an app development company. Custom web and mobile apps are great alternatives for all sorts of startups as they allow you to offer products and services in a personalized way. Don’t worry if you don’t know much about app development. The best app developers will help you make strategic decisions and manage key business processes.

In this post, we discuss some of the critical aspects of startup app development you should consider to make the most of this experience. Understanding key elements of startup app development will help you avoid making wrong decisions that may compromise your company.

App Development for Startups and Enterprises: The Differences

App development has become one of the most important processes in any new business venture. Similarly, app development also plays a critical role in large enterprises. However, both approaches differ from one another.

Startup app development differs from the one done by large enterprises, mainly because startups don’t usually have a validated business model nor large amounts of money to invest. Startups need to be very careful at the moment of enrolling in an app development project. Also, when it comes to app development, there is a lot your team should know, and startups usually don’t have this knowledge. 

Additionally, building a web or mobile app is not cheap, and many young companies fail to find the money to do so, especially when they don’t yet have a solid user base. An app does not only involve the costs of building it but also maintaining it.

Another problem many startups face is defining the right features. Failing to choose the essential features may generate unnecessary costs, and even worse, it may increase the complexity of your app. 

To avoid this, it is best to look out for an app development company that offers startup app development services. When it comes to features, it is usually best to start small and add other non-essential features along the way; a top startup app development company can help you with this as well as with cost estimations and everything you need to know about app development. Large enterprises can be more ambitious at the moment of defining their features thanks to their larger budgets.

As mentioned above, the issue of business models and value proposition is also a relevant one. Many startups use the opportunity to build a web or mobile app to refine their business models. The process of app development forces them to question and analyze some of their most important premises. Participating in app development discovery workshops helps with this.

Large enterprises usually have a validated business model, a wide pool of talent with a large knowledge base, and a big budget to build a web or mobile app. Although there are certain similarities, custom software development for enterprises tends to be more straightforward due to the information they have on the market, their users, and the business as a whole.

Startup App Development

Looking for the right startup app development company is essential to guarantee the success of your web or mobile app.

As a startup looking for an app development company, these are some of the things you should consider:

  • Cost of app development
  • Essential features
  • Value proposition

Cost of App Development

Understanding the costs of app development is one of the first things you might want to do. Financially speaking, app development requires making strategic design and development decisions that will have a long-term impact on your company.

Ask your app development services provider what the best alternatives for the product you want to build are. They should be able to guide you on these crucial matters. Additionally, app developers should be able to align your budget and long-term business vision with the requirements of your app.

Essential Features

Young companies usually want to introduce many features during the app development process. This, however, can quickly become problematic. Each additional feature means more work for app developers, which in turn means additional costs for you. It also means your app will become more challenging to manage.

Make sure to prioritize the most critical aspects of your web or mobile app so that you can build a Minimum Viable Product that users love. This way, you can start with a minimum of essential features and add others in time as you see fit. This is a safe path towards successfully scaling your app.

Value Proposition

Not leveraging the power of your app through custom software development services can mean losing the opportunity to refine your startup’s value proposition. By ideating the features of your app, its user journey, and how it will operate, you will be able to review your business value proposition. This might sound like something trivial, but it will help you better understand what you are offering and what your users expect from you.

Take advantage of the app development process as a way to deepen your understanding of your business and your brand. Many other companies will indeed also have apps, so yours needs to be unique and deliver a clear value proposition that no one else can copy.

Choosing Between Web Apps and Mobile Apps

When it comes to startup app development, there is one important choice you should make: picking between web apps or mobile apps. Both alternatives have their benefits and disadvantages. Ultimately, choosing the right one for you depends on factors such as your budget, your target audience, and the nature of your business. 

Web Applications for Everyone

One of the most important benefits of web apps is their ability to run on a browser, making it easy for you to access many people. In other words, with a web application, you won’t have to worry about developing an app for a specific OS. Thanks to alternatives like Progressive Web Apps (PWAs), app developers can build for you an app that has an almost native look and feel but runs on the web. 

Custom Mobile App Development

Mobile apps are one of the best ways to guarantee your users the best experience. Through custom mobile app development, you can access the native features of any device, allowing you to deliver a unique User Experience that will help users fall in love with your brand. Discuss with your preferred mobile app development company which are the right mobile app development services for your project. They should be able to provide you with the right mobile app developers to make your project a reality.

Custom App Development for Startups

Finding the right app development services provider for a startup is one of the most important things you will do as part of a startup. It would be no exaggeration to say that you may jeopardize your startup if you fail to hire the right app development company.

Don’t just work with any software development company. Find an app development company that is the right fit for your startup. After all, you want someone with the proper experience in terms of startup app development services. Most importantly, you want someone who can give you their honest advice on what is best for you. 

Look for different alternatives and once you’ve made up your mind, seek to establish a long-term relationship with the web or mobile app development company you choose. They will be your long-term allies in the process of app development for startups.

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