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App Development
6 minutes read

9 Best Practices to Develop & Launch Your Android App

By Jonathan Tarud
9 Best Practices to Develop & Launch Your Android App
By Jonathan Tarud
App Development
6 minutes read

Android is more popular than ever before, and today there are over 2 million Android apps in leading app stores such as Google Play.

But Android isn’t just on phones and tablets anymore — it’s on smart watches, TVs, and in cars. Plus, as soon as IP addresses are assigned to inanimate objects, Android is going to be all around us, all the time.

With the prevalence of Android apps on the rise, developers must follow the best practices discussed in this article if they want to build a successful application that stands out from their competition.

Android App Development Best Practices

1. Stay up to date on the latest Android trends.

The world of Android app development is always changing and evolving. By researching and staying up to date on the latest trends, you can ensure that your application provides everything that users normally expect in terms of features and capabilities.

The advancement of technology isn’t slowing down anytime soon. If you’re building a consumer app, this article will serve as a powerful resource.

2. Do your best to understand the Android App Market.

This best practice coincides with #1. In order for your app to be successful, you must understand the Android App Market.

Do your due diligence to research how Android users normally behave.

For example, knowing nuances of the market such as the fact that while there are currently more Android users than of any other Operating System in the world, those users typically aren’t willing to pay as much as iOS users, can greatly inform your strategies for building and promoting your application.

3. Reserve the name of your Android app.

The Android App Market uses a unique package name stored in your manifest to identify your app amongst the thousands of other solutions in the Google Play store.

The name of your Android app should be determined well in advance of launch, and you should do your best to reserve the name so that you can avoid someone else capitalizing on your opportunity.

4. Prioritize the design of your app.

Users of mobile and web applications have grown to have high expectations when it comes to the intuitiveness of an app’s UX/UI. And with so many options available, it will be incredibly difficult to acquire and retain users if your app has a wonky or ineffective design.

Make sure that you don’t rush your Android app out the door. Instead, hone its design and enhance its UX until you feel that it meets the standards of today’s users.

Google provides a set of Android design guidelines to help developers. By following these guidelines, you’ll be able to maintain confidence that your app will behave and feel the same as other top performing Android applications.

5. Actively participate in developer communities.

A benefit to the increasingly crowded nature of the Android app market is that there is no shortage of developers who are willing to share their knowledge and expertise.

Leveraging this existing knowledge by asking (and answering) questions in Android app developer communities is a great way to avoid wasting time on solving issues that others have already overcome.

6. Collect and act on feedback from users.

Even if the experiences that you’re providing users aren’t absolutely and entirely optimized, those users will appreciate when you collect their feedback, and genuinely take it into consideration as you evolve your solution.

Winning the trust of your user base through genuine interest in their feedback is a great way to not only strengthen your Android app, but to retain users and boost loyalty as well.

Users (and people, for that matter), always appreciate being heard.

7. Thoroughly research your competition.

Studying your competition prior to launching your own Android app is imperative for having a contextual understanding of what you should expect.

Research the revenues that your competitors are driving via their apps, and set incremental, time-based revenue goals for your own product.

Take a look at your competitors’ most appreciated features, or the uniqueness of their business models, and consider putting your own spin on what’s worked for them in order to ensure your own success.

This research should, in turn, help you to put a price on your Android app.

8. Test your Android app as often as you can.

It should go without being said that you should tirelessly test your Android app prior to launching it.

Consider taking an Agile approach to development, and testing for each phase of the development process in order to underline the tweaks, fixes, and possible bugs that must be accounted for.

Taking your time to thoroughly test and improve your app is always preferable to rushing development, and releasing a solution that users will only grow frustrated with.

9. Fully optimize your Android app.

Nothing frustrates modern users more than using an application that takes too long to open or process, or that takes up unnecessary storage on their devices.

The speed with which your application operates, and the space that it requires, are both important factors in deciding if the solution will be a success or not. Eliminate unnecessary objects, features, and capabilities in order to keep your app lean and nimble.

Final Thoughts

New Android apps are released every day, which makes launching a successful app that stands out from the crowd a challenge for any Android app developer.

Following the best practices above will put you in the most advantageous position possible as you look to roll out a disruptive application that people love.

If you’re looking to build the next great Android app, be sure to check out the following resources:

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