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6 minutes read

8 Web App Typography Tips

By Jose Gomez
By Jose Gomez
Website Development
6 minutes read

When developing digital products, many companies are opting for web apps; this trend has been growing in recent years thanks to Progressive Web Apps (PWA). This is a powerful and easy way to reach users across multiple devices while benefiting from cloud computing. 

Important discussions about web apps tend to revolve around features, customer journeys, and other relevant UX elements. However, there is one design element that is often overlooked and can be essential for a web app’s success. 

I’m talking about typography. This vital element of an app’s graphic design is often bypassed in discussions because people involved in a project sometimes do not have the necessary skills or knowledge. That’s why in this post we’ve decided to discuss eight web app typography tips to keep in mind when building your next project. 

Web Apps and Typography

It is common to set clear boundaries when it comes to differentiating web design from web development. On a conceptual level, this is very convenient. It allows participants in the app development process to define their roles clearly. However, in terms of the outcome, this is not very practical. Developers and project managers should understand this. 

An outstanding software product blurs the lines between development and design. Any team should be able to integrate development and design successfully without the user noticing the difference. This is why integrating the typography adequately within an app’s development process is so important; it is not only a matter of designers. 

8 Web App Typography Tips

These are some of the things to keep in mind when building a web app in order to guarantee a product that stands out. By looking out for these, you can help your team to integrate development and design better. 

Typography Is More than the Font

Most people usually relate typography exclusively to the type of font. Although it is a key element of typography, fonts are not the only thing to consider. After all, typography is about setting the right mood for the reader and communicating the message beyond the use of words. 

Typography considers how the message is perceived through the use of a visual language of words. This means taking into account the spacing between letters, the font color, the background, whitespaces, and many other important elements. 

Use Text Size as a Communication Tool

Text size is very important. Different sizes can help users differentiate pieces of text according to their function. A title is always larger than the body text. Headings are somewhere in the middle, and they change according to their importance. In general, size can be used to indicate a hierarchy between different pieces of text.

Keep Accessibility in Mind

If there’s one topic in web design that has gained importance recently, it is accessibility. In simple terms, this refers to a user’s ability to use a product or service. If something is hard to use, then it is not accessible. Some fonts are harder to read than others, and how the text is presented matters.

Accessibility is often associated with old age, but in reality, it considers all users alike. Choosing the right typography configuration should always consider this.

Use Whitespace Wisely

The spaces you leave between blocks of text are as important as the text itself. By using whitespace wisely, an app can make it easier for users to read the text. This is true because whitespace determines how a user’s eyes scan the text. 

Line height is probably the most crucial whitespace element. This is the amount of space between lines of text. It is especially important between headers and body text. 

Evaluate the Adequate Size of Text Blocks

Another essential element that matters a lot is the width of text blocks. This, often referred to as line length, together with line height and font are commonly referred to as the holy trinity of web typography

If a block of text is too wide or to narrow, users might find it hard to read. Finding the perfect length of a block of text is what this is all about.  

Consider Multiple Devices

All of the previous aspects need to be considered across various devices. Failing to do so can jeopardize the effort put so far. Remember that each screen size is different and may alter how the app is visualized. How a specific device displays text can vary considerably. 

Performing the right QA tests can help development teams identify potential visualization risks. 

Test with Users

Even designers with years of experience need to validate their work. Only by doing so can they guarantee that a design decision is the right one. Testing typography assumptions with users is necessary if you want to make sure you achieve the desired results. 

Examine the Purpose of the Content

Content is often overlooked in terms of its functionality. In practice, teams should consider the purpose of a block of text. Does it seek to share feedback with users? Does it want to communicate an important message? By understanding the principles of UX writing, development teams can help contribute to an outstanding User Experience. 

Bonus: Listen to Your Brand

There is much more to typography than these tips, but if your team keeps them in mind, your chances of success will increase considerably. One last aspect to consider within your typography is your brand. What is that gut feeling that people get when they come in touch with your brand? Does your web app reflect your brand? Is your typography in line with this? These are some of the most important questions you need to ask yourself when thinking about the right typography. 

At Koombea, teams are highly skilled in everything design related. We help our clients transmit their brand message across their web apps while delivering outstanding UX. By working close to you, we make sure all aspects of world-class design are considered for your web product

Contact us for a free consultation and see for yourself why we are the best app development alternative. 

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