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7 minutes read

Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2021: What to Expect

By Robert Kazmi
A mobile phone displaying an image of the WWDC 2021.
By Robert Kazmi
7 minutes read

The Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) has become one of the tech industry’s most expected events, and the WWDC 2021 is no exception. This is not just a developers conference. It is the place where the best developers and Apple worldwide users gather to see the company’s new releases, understand where the industry is headed, and share impressions on new products, features, and services.

Apple has used this stage to present some of their most revolutionary launches, including new software, new hardware, tools, technologies, updates to their operating system, and even new Apple platforms. Whatever they decide to introduce, there are always good reasons to be excited. 

As iOS, iPad OS, Mac OS, watchOS, and tvOS app developers, at Koombea we are always excited to see what new things will be unveiled in the WWDC 2021, which will be held online like the 2020 WWDC. In this post we discuss some of the most important aspects of what the company might announce.

The WWDC 2021 Event

The Apple Worldwide Developers Conference will take place between June 7 through 11, and, like last year, it will be completely remote. The WWDC 2021 will be the second time that the event will be completely held online, reinforcing the idea that the company wants to push towards greater virtualization of its tools. 

Like before, Apple seems to be keeping the information of the event secretively. However, there seem to be some safe bets as to what we might expect, particularly in terms of new hardware. At the same time, there are other not-so-safe gambles as to what they might introduce. As it has already become the norm, everyone expects something revolutionary, and if you are as excited as we are, you are probably looking forward to the WWDC 2021. 

Let’s first take a look at some of the basic information we know about WWDC 2021.

Apple’s Worldwide Community of Developers

The Apple worldwide community of developers gathers more than 28 million developers all of which contribute to build and develop some of the company’s tools. As more people have come to depend on their technologies in their daily lives, as a developer, staying informed on the latest trends and new technologies is a must. 

It has already been announced that Apple worldwide developers can expect news on the latest industry trends and the future of iOS, iPadOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS. Similarly, their traditional sessions and labs for developers will also take place this year, and they will also be held online. 1:1 labs offering technical guidance seem like one of the most interesting choices for developers all over the world, as this can be used to learn about the latest frameworks and technologies.

The Swift Student Challenge

As it has already become a tradition, the Swift Student Challenge will also be held this year during the WWDC 2021. Through this event, Apple seeks to support students who love to code. The idea is to create an interactive scene in a Swift playground, and the challenge is that it needs to be experienced within three minutes. 

The Swift playground app has shown to be a groundbreaking app for both the iPad and Mac platforms, making it easy and fun for students to learn the Swift programming language. 

Supporting the San José Local Economy

Even though the WWDC 2021 will be held entirely online, Apple wants to support its local economy. That is, they want to contribute to the local economy of the city of San José, located in beautiful California. To do so, they will commit $1 million to the SJ Apries education and equity initiative of the city of San José. 

WWDC 2021 Predictions

If you are looking to find out what Apple might reveal at this year’s developers conference, check out the following list.

WWDC 2021: New Software 

If one thing is certain about this year’s developers conference, it is the fact that we will see new operating system updates. This is great news because each new version of the Apple operating systems bring new development possibilities to build great applications and integrate new features. 


We expect iOS 15 to include changes in the User Interface, and most importantly, to improve its security. This last is becoming more and more relevant for users seeking additional layers of security and privacy in their devices. This update is not expected to work for versions before the iPhone 7.

iPadOS 15

The iPad OS has been slowly drifting away from iOS since 2019. This year we may see a major shift between both operating systems. For the moment we will have to wait and see what Apple has planned for these devices’ User Experience. 

macOS 12

The macOS Big Sur version was introduced in November 2020, so it is hard to predict if we will experience the newest version of macOS right away. Although the company might introduce macOS 12 at the developers conference, most likely it won’t be available until the end of the year or 2022.

watchOS 8

The Apple Watch is generating more and more expectations, especially in relation to MedTech apps. We will surely see new health features in watchOS 8. Also, it is expected that the Apple Watch will depend less on having an Internet connection to operate.

tvOS 15

Not only is tvOS15 expected in the 2021 developers conference. Rumors say that Apple will release a new hardware version, and this will surely mean improved specs and why not, even a new UI that works with the Apple Glass (more on that later). What is not expected to change is its emphasis on gaming and integrations with security features for your house.

WWDC 2021: New Hardware

It has been a few years since Apple introduced a major disruption in terms of new hardware. However, this year we might see a major breakthrough. Yes, if the rumors are true, we might expect the Apple Glass to finally hit the market. 

Apple Silicon

Apple introduced the M1, also known as Apple Silicon chips, last year. That is why it might not come as a surprise if they decide to present a new and improved version. Rumors say we can expect an improved M1X or an M2 version.

New iMac & Mac Pro

In terms of the existing products, it might be possible that we see new versions of the iMac and the Mac Pro. However, it is uncertain whether these will work with the recent Apple Silicon chips or a new improved version. 

Apple Glass

Apple’s AR glasses are probably the one thing that everyone is expecting from the WWDC 2021. By now it is not a secret that the company has been experimenting with augmented reality. The industry seems to be moving in this direction, and if this is the case, the possibilities to develop and integrate new functions into apps will increase considerably. This is the one thing on our wishlist for this year’s developers conference. 

WWDC 2021: New Services

More than a new service, Apple might be introducing an improved and premium version of their existing services. 

How to Watch the WWDC 2021

There is a lot that can occur in this year’s developers conference. If you want to check out the WWDC 2021 event, make sure to visit Apple’s website on the day and time of the event. Keep tuned to our blog to find out more about the latest technology announcements and how you can make use of them for your app.  

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