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5 minutes read

Sleep Technology Powered by Apps

By Robert Kazmi
A picture of a woman sleeping with a smart watch that monitors her sleep.
By Robert Kazmi
5 minutes read

Sleep technology has come a long way since its beginnings. Thanks to sophisticated sleep gadgets, many people finally find it possible to treat sleep disorders in an affordable and easy way. More importantly, thanks to user-friendly apps, sleep tech has become a viable and accessible technology to those who find it hard to fall asleep. 

The best thing about MedTech gadgets is that they can also help you sleep better. In other words, not only do they help you sleep. They also improve your sleep thanks to a combination of sophisticated hardware and software.

However, not all sleep devices are as easy to use as one might think. An important aspect of their success lies in their design. You may fill your bedroom with the most sophisticated sleep gadgets,but if you are unable to manipulate them correctly, they will not magically improve your sleep

Sleep technologists understand more and more the importance of ensuring patients with sleep issues the proper User Experience. Only by doing so will the devices they build be able to help users fall asleep and get a quality night of sleep. 

In this post, we discuss one of the most important aspects that sleep technology should consider in order to help users fall asleep. This can be done by building sleep apps that meet the actual needs of users.

Sleep Technology

Sleep Tech is not new, but thanks to different devices,it is finally seeing important growth in the market. Users can find all sorts of sleep gadgets. Some are harder to use than others due to aspects like their accessibility and ease of use. Overall, the good thing about most of them is that they can easily connect to different mobile devices, making them easier to use.

Although some sleep gadgets are very simple, others are more complex. They offer a wide array of features that can help guarantee a good night’s sleep, addressing specific sleep cycle stages. Some of them even offer users the possibility to choose a given sleep program based on their preferences. This is one of their most potent features, as it allows users to personalize their preferences.

This comes as no surprise. Just like in many other industries, sleep technology is often developed around user needs. Sleep technologists now understand the importance and the technicalities of sleep and how to achieve it. They also acknowledge the potential pain points as well as specific use cases for particular devices. Ultimately, this simple approach can make the difference between ordinary sleep gadgets and outstanding ones.

IoT Sleep Gadgets

One of the most important characteristics of any successful technology is its ability to connect with nearby devices. This is particularly true in our data-driven world. 

When MedTech solutions are paired up with IoT technologies, the resulting products are known as IoMT devices. The possibility of IoMT sleep gadgets to collect and share information has many benefits for users; these devices should comply with MedTech regulations.

Gone are the days when the only sleep technology users had was the alarm clock. Although the alarm clock is still very useful, it is far from capable of helping us sleep better. We can now pair many different gadgets with our mobile devices to achieve this through a number of different functions via a mobile app.

IoT sleep gadgets can help us improve our sleep by doing the following:

  • Calibrating the amount of light in the bedroom to optimize sleep patterns.
  • Guided meditations while you peacefully sleep at night.
  • Keeping a comfortable temperature inside your bedroom.
  • Producing relaxing white noise to quiet the noise in your head.
  • Set up a personalized sleep program.
  • Keep track of sleep patterns.
  • Keep the air quality in your bedroom at an optimal level.

As mentioned, the best thing about the different gadgets is that most of them can be easily managed through user-friendly apps from your favorite mobile devices.

Human-Centered Sleep Tech

Successful sleep gadgets are very much driven by human-centered design. This considers both hardware and software. Nonetheless, keep in mind that the latter has often become more relevant in terms of helping users fall asleep and guarantee the quality of their sleep. 

Like many other IoT devices, the power of sleep gadgets lies in their software. This has important implications. Thanks to powerful software, MedTech companies that develop sleep technology can easily distribute their solutions across a number of devices. Mobile sleep apps can easily be updated on a mobile device, giving users the ability to always stay up to date with the latest technology trends.

Final Thoughts: Sleep Tech Features

Sleep devices serve a variety of purposes. They are available in many different formats and prices depending on their functionalities. Many of these devices are simply used to help users fall asleep, but they also help improve the quality of sleep. 

The most common of these gadgets use white noise and relaxing sounds to induce sleep. However, this is not the only feature they offer. Innovative sleep technology can help users address their specific needs through custom features.

The best sleep technology understands this. To make the most out of any sleep device, it is essential to use a powerful mobile app. This helps guarantee that users will easily achieve the benefits they want. 

If you are thinking about building a sleep gadget to help users fall asleep and improve the quality of their sleep, the best thing you can do is find a development partner who can help you address your specific goals. It is not enough to simply build an app. After all, sleep technology is only as good as the software that powers it.

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