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App Development
6 minutes read

7 Signs You Need a HiTech App Development Partner

By Jose Gomez
7 Signs You Need a HiTech App Development Partner
By Jose Gomez
App Development
6 minutes read

Technology continues to advance as we enter 2019, and with it, the HiTech industry is evolving as well.

According to TechCrunch, the top five largest tech companies in the world are now worth a combined total exceeding $3 trillion.

As the market for HiTech solutions continues to grow, we’re seeing more and more businesses looking to capitalize by offering their own digital solutions. But building a new and disruptive tech solution is difficult, and launching, maintaining, and updating these solutions to best serve the needs of end users is a challenge for practically all HiTech organizations.

One of the best ways to make the process of building and launching a new solution easier is to partner with a HiTech development partner.

“How am I supposed to know if I should develop my product in-house, or work with a HiTech development partner,” you ask? Don’t worry — we’ve got you covered.

Below are seven signs to look for that will tell you that you should start searching for a HiTech app development partner.

7 Signs You Need a HiTech Development Partner

1. You don’t have a development team with the appropriate knowledge in-house.

Perhaps you’re a part of a startup that’s just getting started, or maybe you’re a member of an existing company looking to launch a HiTech solution. Regardless, you may not have a qualified development team in-house.

Most HiTech solutions will require expertise that not just any software engineer will have. In order for your product to stand out, it will need disruptive features and a slick and intuitive UX/UI.

If you don’t have a team of developers on hand, or you don’t think your existing team has the experience necessary to build your ideal product, then it’s worth searching for a HiTech development partner.

2. You have an in-house development team, but they don’t have bandwidth.

You may have an in-house development team, but they could be too busy to assist with building and launching your HiTech solution.

Chances are, if your organization has a team of developers they will already have their hands full with ongoing projects. If the HiTech solution that you’re looking to launch does not directly align with these ongoing projects, it might be hard to pull resources into developing the HiTech app.

If building out your existing team of developers isn’t an option, you should consider a HiTech app development partner.

3. Budget is a concern.

One of the primary reasons why companies often turn to third party HiTech development teams is that it would simply be too expensive to hire more developers.

Training employees takes time, and you’d still need to pay your new developers as they ramp up. If your company offers health benefits and/or other expensive perks or bonuses to employees, then working with an outsourced team of developers can save the business a lot of cash in the long run.

4. You need help with innovation.

Perhaps you have a rough idea for what your HiTech solution will do for users, but you’re not quite sure about all of the features and capabilities necessary to make it happen.

The proper HiTech development partner will employ a team of engineers that possess distinct expertise in areas and technologies that are directly relevant to your project.

By partnering with the right team, you’ll be able to receive the benefits of their consultative approach to building and launching your product, which will result in features that you might not have even known existed, and an end product that provides more seamless and enjoyable experiences to users.

5. You’re already seeing high levels of resource attrition.

If you’re constantly having to replace the members of your team, it might be time to face the music and realize that you’re better off working with an outsourced HiTech development partner.

There’s no shortage of reasons for why people will leave your organization. Perhaps there’s a toxic culture that you’re trying to fix. Maybe a competitor is poaching your best employees. Maybe several peoples’ life events simply created the perfect storm and forced them to leave at the same time.

Replacing key resources on your team, or re-allocating tasks always results in delays. Plus, the cost of onboarding new employees can be detrimental to your project.

You might be better off saving time and looking for a HiTech development partner. If a member of your development partner’s team chooses to leave, the partner company will be responsible for immediately providing a replacement with a similar skillset, which will keep your project on schedule.

6. You’re concerned about the quality of work.

If you have an in-house team, but you’re worried that they aren’t so adept in the precise field that your solution will serve, you’re probably better off just looking for a HiTech development partner from the onset of the project.

These outsourced teams will have experts in your industry, and while your own developers may or may not be able to deliver, having a pool of qualified software engineers to choose from allows you to maintain confidence that you have the best people working on your project possible.

7. You need to bring your product to market FAST.

This is another one of the most popular reasons why companies choose to outsource development. Sometimes there’s simply no time to waste, and you need to get your product into the hands of users as fast as possible.

The right HiTech development partner will know exactly the right tools and processes to put in place, and will be able to cut out unnecessary additional steps in order to make the project run as smoothly as possible.

Plus, you can even work deadlines into your contract, so that everyone is aware of, and held accountable to when everything should be delivered.

Final Thoughts

Choosing whether to build your HiTech solution in-house, or to hire a third party development partner can be a difficult decision to make. Use the list of warning signs above to help inform your choice.

Below are some additional resources that you may find valuable as you weigh your options:

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