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6 minutes read

ServiceNow SecOps

By Robert Kazmi
By Robert Kazmi
App Development
6 minutes read

Modern businesses require security tools like ServiceNow SecOps to keep their digital assets and data safe from cyber threats. The importance of digital security is only getting more critical as more business processes, data, and operations are conducted digitally through the Internet. 

Cyber security doesn’t just apply to mobile apps and websites. Security threats can pop up in your employees’ email inboxes and other vulnerable areas. In addition, cyber attackers are always finding new, creative ways to exploit system weaknesses and steal data. As a result, modern security operations require diligence and fast vulnerability response times. 

This post will explore the security tool ServiceNow SecOps. We will explain what it is, its capabilities, and why it is beneficial to organizations to have a robust security engine like ServiceNow SecOps. 

What Is ServiceNow SecOps? 

ServiceNow Security Operations (SecOps) is a security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR) engine. The ServiceNow SecOps engine is built on the Now platform. It was developed to help IT departments and security teams respond faster and more effectively to security threats. 

ServiceNow SecOps was not designed to replace other security tools like SIEM, IAM, or DLP. Rather, this engine was created to bridge the gap between IT and security teams and create more intelligent workflows in security incident response. As a result, ServiceNow SecOps clarifies security operations and improves collaborative efforts between security and the other teams in your organization.

The Capabilities of ServiceNow Security Operations

Whether you are a mobile app development company building iOS apps and Android apps or an eCommerce business that processes payments and other sensitive customer data, every business should utilize security tools. As we stated previously, ServiceNow Security Operations (SecOps) will not replace your organization’s other security tools. However, it will enhance your security team through its robust capabilities that include: 

  • Vulnerability management 
  • Security incident response management 
  • Security threat intelligence 
  • Performance analytics 

Vulnerability Management 

ServiceNow SecOps integrates with your existing vulnerability scanning tools. It compares the information found by your scanning tools with your configured settings. ServiceNow SecOps contextualizes the results of your vulnerability scans for your business operations and IT teams. The vulnerability management dashboard gives organizations a complete overview of all vulnerabilities detected for a selected digital asset or business service. In addition, users can see how a selected security vulnerability could impact the business as a whole. 

ServiceNow SecOps offers non-technical users an in-depth overview of all vulnerabilities, including which ones present the greatest risk to the business and the most technically severe ones. Empowered with this visibility and information, non-technical stakeholders can engage more in vulnerability management and monitor progress in fixing vulnerabilities. IT and security teams can better prioritize which areas require immediate attention. 

Most security threats can be neutralized before they cause a security incident. However, this requires constant vulnerability scanning, organizational visibility, and collaboration among internal teams. ServiceNow SecOps gives organizations the tools to promote collaboration, visibility, and intelligent workflows.  

Security Incident Response Management 

Security-minded organizations use a collection of security tools to proactively identify and respond to security incidents. ServiceNow SecOps integrates with many of the most popular security tools, including Splunk, QRadar, and Rapid7, to improve security incident response. ServiceNow Security Operations imports suspicious activities found by your security tools, automatically creates security incidents for each one, and assigns them to a member of your security team

Your organization can configure ServiceNow to handle security incidents in a manner that best fits your security processes. There is a dedicated dashboard just for security incidents. Like the vulnerability management dashboard, security incidents are ranked by threat level and severity. The visibility created by the dashboard gives your teams the ability to evaluate security trends and assess the issues that are leading to security incidents. 

The security incident response features offered by the ServiceNow SecOps engine are almost fully automated. Automation allows your security team to efficiently assign tasks to the appropriate team members and create prioritized security incidents to deal with the biggest threats first. 

Security Threat Intelligence 

Cyber attackers are not content to run the same attacks repeatedly. Instead, security threats are actively evolving, and in the past, businesses were at a disadvantage because it was nearly impossible to stay ahead of hackers. ServiceNow SecOps makes it easier for businesses to keep up with rapidly evolving threats. Of course, there is still an inherent advantage for cyber attackers since they are playing offense and security teams must play defense, but threat intelligence tools like the one included in ServiceNow SecOps are leveling the playing field.  

ServiceNow SecOps integrates with all of your security tools, as we have previously discussed, but it also actively checks threat feeds to find data on new threats, errors, and vulnerabilities as they occur. In addition, threat intelligence tools are powered by Artificial Intelligence to help businesses proactively predict new vulnerabilities and cyber-attacks before they occur. They also give security experts additional data and information to better identify deep-lying threats. 

As threat intelligence tools handle more information, they learn more about attack patterns and emerging cyber threats. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence help security teams keep pace with the constantly evolving nature of cyberattacks. 

Performance Analytics 

Data analytics is critical to the performance of all business processes, even security. ServiceNow SecOps includes several analytics dashboards, customizable key performance indicators, and reporting features. 

The performance analytics features present in this security operations engine give businesses clarity into the effectiveness of their security operations. It also allows security teams to discover opportunities for automation. With these powerful performance analytics capabilities, your business can monitor emerging trends and identify areas of improvement. 

The Benefits of ServiceNow SecOps 

As we discussed the key capabilities of ServiceNow SecOps, many of the benefits of using a powerful security engine should have been apparent. Still, it is valuable to briefly cover the benefits associated with this security tool, including:

  • Identify and address more critical threats first
  • Reduce security incident response time 
  • Improve security incident response efficiency 
  • Reduce the overall impact of security incidents 
  • Automate workflows 
  • Valuable insights into threats and security performance 

ServiceNow SecOps will not replace your existing security tools, but it will help your business visualize and quantify your security efforts

Final Thoughts 

Security has to be a priority for every organization. It doesn’t matter if you are concerned with Android security, securing your database, or another form of digital security; ServiceNow SecOps is a robust SOAR engine that can help your organization improve its security processes. If you want to learn more about how ServiceNow SecOps can help improve your security measures, speak with an experienced app development partner.

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