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6 minutes read

React VR: The Way Towards VR Apps

By Jose Gomez
React VR
By Jose Gomez
App Development
6 minutes read

The future of Virtual Reality will be shaped by development tools like React VR. React has long been a force in web and mobile app development projects, but it has recently been used to develop VR apps. Businesses that want to start including Virtual Reality features in their applications have many different options to choose from, but React VR is one of the best available. 

This post will explain how React VR fits into the React ecosystem with React and React Native. We will also explain the benefits of using React VR to create Virtual Reality apps. Modern users are drawn to breathtaking experiences. Use React VR to help your applications deliver an unforgettable experience. 

How Does React VR Compare to React and React Native? 

Before explaining why React VR is one of the best choices available for developing Virtual Reality apps, you need to understand the React ecosystem. React is a front-end JavaScript library used to build User Interface components in web development projects. React was created by Facebook, and it wasn’t long before the React team made React Native. 

React Native builds on the capabilities of React and allows mobile app developers to create near-native User Interface elements for iOS and Android using native components. React Native is one of the most popular mobile app development tools because it gives developers the ability to write native apps using JavaScript. 

React VR is another expansion of React. React VR is a development library that enables developers to create Virtual Reality features in web and mobile apps. Using React VR, developers can easily embed VR features in existing apps. In addition, the React ecosystem removes many of the barriers that might keep businesses from experimenting with Virtual Reality. 

The Benefits of Using React VR 

There are several ways your business can implement HiTech features like Virtual Reality, but few are as capable or straightforward to use as React VR. React has been a popular choice among developers for many years, and React VR is no exception. If you want to build a Virtual Reality app, there are several reasons why you should consider using React VR, including: 

  • Based in JavaScript
  • No need to hire new developers
  • Support for iOS and Android 
  • Stunning VR capabilities 
  • Open-source 

Based in JavaScript 

The entire React ecosystem is based on JavaScript. JavaScript is one of the most popular programming languages with developers of all ages and skill levels. Even if you have never used React or React Native, you can pick up React VR and start creating stunning Virtual Reality applications if you are familiar with JavaScript. 

If you have already used React or React Native to build User Interface components, you can easily embed React VR code into your existing applications. The simplicity of React code has made it a popular choice in a wide range of development projects. If you thought Virtual Reality apps were too complicated for your team to create, React VR makes it easy because it is based in JavaScript. 

No Need to Hire New Developers 

The issue many businesses face when they want to explore new technologies like Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, blockchain, etc., is hiring new developers and building new development teams. This is a time-consuming process, and it can discourage businesses from branching out and utilizing new technologies. 

However, since React VR is built on JavaScript, there is no need to hire new developers to create VR applications. Instead, businesses can utilize their existing development resources to begin experimenting with Virtual Reality. 

Support for iOS and Android 

One of the critical benefits of React VR is its support for iOS and Android devices. Typically, if you want to build mobile apps that utilize native device features, you have to write different code for iOS and Android. Developing two apps is more costly and time-consuming than developing one app. With React VR, you can create VR apps that users on both major mobile platforms can enjoy. 

Other Virtual Reality development tools will be limited to specific operating systems or platforms. Likewise, some VR development tools will only be suitable for certain VR devices or headsets. Accessing the two largest mobile platforms with your VR app is a major benefit. 

Stunning VR Capabilities 

Not only is React VR easy for developers with JavaScript experience to pick up, but it is capable of producing stunning Virtual Reality features. With React VR, developers can build immersive 3D scenes and breathtaking 360-degree panoramas. Developers can also leverage popular APIs like WebGL and WebVR to build in-depth Virtual Reality experiences that can be accessed using a VR headset. 

One of the most important facets of a development tool that should be considered is its capabilities. React VR does not disappoint in this regard. The React library has consistently delivered strong performance and abundant capabilities since it was first released. React VR continues to build on this and delivers a Virtual Reality library with a low entry barrier for interested developers. 


React VR is an open-source development technology, and this is a major benefit for developers, businesses, and the broader development community. Open-source technologies are free to use, encouraging interested developers and businesses to experiment with them. In addition, open-source technologies have large support communities to help developers troubleshoot issues and solve complicated problems. 

The other major benefit of open-source technologies is that anyone can help improve them. As a result, open-source technology improves faster, and bugs or errors that are found are quickly resolved. 

Final Thoughts 

Virtual Reality is an exciting technology that will shape User Experiences in a significant way as the technology continues to improve. There are ways to begin experimenting with adding VR to your existing applications. One of the best ways your business can start experimenting with VR is by using the development library React VR.

If you want to learn more about React VR or some of its exciting Virtual Reality capabilities, reach out to an app development partner. An experienced app development partner will be able to guide your organization through the adoption of Virtual Reality and help you start using React VR on your projects.

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