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5 minutes read

What Is Mobile Workforce Management? 

By Robert Kazmi
By Robert Kazmi
App Development
5 minutes read

A mobile workforce is critical to so many businesses and industries, such as electricians, plumbers, event staff, and field technicians, to name a few. Businesses have always had to use tools to manage mobile workers. 

Thanks to technological advances in mobile device production, IoT, and software development, mobile workforce management (MWM) has never been more robust or accessible for businesses with mobile work or field operations. 

This post will explain what mobile workforce management (MWM) is, how effective mobile workforce management can benefit your business, and how mobile workforce management solutions work. 

If mobile workers are vital to the success of your organization, you will want to learn more about mobile workforce management. 

Understanding Mobile Workforce Management (MWM)

Organizations use the term mobile workforce management to refer to the processes and tools utilized to empower mobile workers and aid in task management

While every mobile workforce is different, the goal of mobile workforce management is always the same: to ensure the productivity of deskless workers, drive the efficiency of mobile employees, and foster job and customer satisfaction. 

The modern mobile workforce has grown in size and complexity in recent years. Many mobile workforces work directly with a customer either at their home or on-site at their business. To ensure a great customer experience and employee performance, a mobile workforce needs specific tools and processes. 

Effectively managing a mobile workforce requires optimized workflows and mobile workforce management software and technologies. Mobile workforce management software helps businesses schedule, track, monitor, and analyze the performance of their mobile workforce. 

The Benefits of an Effective Mobile Workforce Management System 

Effective workforce management of mobile teams requires more than the latest mobile devices and the right technology. Effectively managing field workers also requires strong internal policies and a workplace culture of accountability.

It can be difficult to establish a culture of responsibility and accountability and get your organization’s employees working at optimal performance levels. Still, when you get mobile workforce management right, it benefits your organization in several ways, including:

  • Greater visibility 
  • Greater productivity 
  • A better experience for customers

Greater Visibility  

Businesses with a deskless workforce can quickly lose track of where employees are and what employees are doing. As a result, operations can seem chaotic, and resolving issues can appear daunting. 

Mobile workforce management provides organizations with a clear overview of mobile employees and operations. This visibility is achieved through real-time communication tools, GPS, and integration with field software and systems. 

Greater Productivity 

MWM solutions ensure employees have the resources and tools needed to increase productivity. Mobile workforce management simplifies laborious tasks like scheduling, dispatching, and field communication and coordination, allowing employees to focus on the customer.

Increased productivity means less downtime, fewer inefficiencies, and better field team performance. The more your organization can simplify field operations, the more productive your workforce can be. 

A Better Experience for Customers

Delivering a quality customer experience is vital for every business, especially for those utilizing field teams. Missed appointments, delayed service, and poor communication can drastically affect customer satisfaction and, thus, your organization’s success. 

Mobile workforce management software ensures that your field teams have access to vital customer information, optimized routing, and real-time communication tools to ensure high-quality, personalized service for every customer.

What Is Mobile Workforce Management Software?

Your organization needs more than policies and mobile devices to effectively manage mobile workforces. Mobile workforce management software is an all-in-one solution that makes it easy to oversee and empower a workforce that works in the field

Field service management software comes in many forms. Each workforce management software will have its own unique selling points. However, most solutions should include the following features and capabilities:

  • Create custom schedules and automate scheduling for employees
  • Dispatching tools to send employees to new jobs
  • Communication features that connect field employees with the central office in real-time
  • Advanced planning tools that enable your business to plan for peak volume and down periods
  • Location tracking for employees on their way to a job
  • Advanced job logging that tracks job time, travel time, etc.
  • Track employee performance versus predetermined metrics 

Some field service management software might even help your organization track and monitor the performance of devices and tools that your employees use to complete their tasks. 

When looking for the right software solution for your organization, you should consider the features included, the cost, and its ability to integrate with your organization’s current processes and tools. 

In addition, your company should consider how much support is offered by each software option. Is there an active support team that can help your organization troubleshoot issues? Support can be a critical component of a tool’s value proposition.

Having great software will not benefit your organization unless it implements procedures and policies to maximize employee efficiency and satisfaction while in the field. Software should complement your policies and act as a force multiplier. 

Don’t make the mistake of thinking good software will instantly fix all of your problems, or else your organization will likely be disappointed in the results.

Final Thoughts 

Managing a workforce that is mobile and works in the field at customer businesses and homes can be difficult. There is no silver bullet software solution that will fix every issue your organization might be facing. 

However, with the right combination of policies and tools, your business can effectively manage a mobile workforce. If you want to learn more about mobile workforce management tools, reach out to a skilled app development partner like Koombea.

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