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App Development
6 minutes read

How to Develop a Great App for Millennials

By Guest Author
Millennials using their mobile phones.
By Guest Author
App Development
6 minutes read

If you want to develop a successful app with impressive UX design, you need to think of millennials. They are a generation of people born between 1982 and 2000, thus the first generation native to the internet, mobile devices, and other advanced technologies. As a result, they are arguably the most important segment of the audience for tech companies.

In this article, we discuss how you can make an app that will become popular among millennials. We will look at the factors you should take into account, and what features of your app will most likely be appreciated by users from this generation.

Some Facts about Millennials

Millennials are the biggest generation in the U.S. According to statistics, there are about 92 million millennials, which is 15 million more than the number of baby boomers, and 31 million more than the number of people from generation X. Consider that they are the most active consumers of online content. They spend about four hours on their mobile devices every day.

Another thing you should know about them is that they are a great audience for your marketing efforts. Millennials already make up about 35% of the workforce, and they possess an impressive purchasing power of about $1.3 trillion.

Creating Apps for Millennials

Given that many millennials have grown up in the world of advanced technology, they are used to consuming content differently from other generations. No matter whether they need to book a hotel, order a takeaway, read the news, listen to music, or open a bank account, millennials will likely choose to do it from their mobile device because it’s quicker and more convenient.

A younger audience that is familiar with the latest technologies has different expectations regarding mobile apps and websites compared to other generations. Millennials expect instant gratification, and they appreciate on-demand mobile and web experiences. Therefore, developers have to create apps that are fast, consistent, and seamless.

If you want to make your app attractive for millennials, you should think of how to get more actions done with the least effort, making efficiency your main priority. Millennials are used to getting any necessary information instantly, and they are unlikely to spend much time searching for a certain useful feature. Therefore, you should make sure that your navigation is as simple and clear as possible.

Simplicity is also crucial when it comes to the digital onboarding process. Onboarding involves the very first contact with your users so this process has a significant impact on your users’ overall experience. You should get your users set up and ready as quickly as possible while also making sure that they’ll be able to appreciate the benefits of your application from the very beginning. Otherwise, new users will bounce even before your brand gets a chance to build relationships with them.

We recommend that you use a single sign-on feature since millennials are more comfortable with their data being stored online. It also makes sense to put some effort into writing a compelling copy that will not only motivate the audience to try your product but also be informative and relevant. For instance, you can check out writing service reviews to find authors with experience in providing content related to your niche.

5 Tips to Create a Great App for Millennials

Speak Their Language

You should make developing good relationships with your users your main objective. Therefore, we recommend that you avoid an authoritative, formal tone. This way, you will not lose customers. We suggest that you choose a friendly, casual tone for your brand voice. Besides, don’t use complex technical terms when you can replace them with simple synonyms.

Motivate Users to Pursue Their Purpose

Millennials are always looking for a sense of purpose. Their main motivations are family, professional growth, arts, sports, and anything that can help them find deeper meaning in their lives.

Millennials are most likely to find meaning in clear and action-oriented goals. They install apps to accomplish specific goals, and you should provide them not only with a tool but also with all the necessary assistance. We also suggest that you enable them to share their accomplishments on social media and provide some instant rewards, like digital trophies.

Make Your App Entertaining and Fun

The internet has strengthened connections to entertainment. Millennials use their mobile devices all the time. Entertaining apps and those that create distractions, such as music apps and games, are especially popular among these users. To create a popular app, you shouldn’t necessarily develop a game. However, you will certainly benefit from adding some entertaining features, even if your app is practical. For instance, you can try including funny animations.

Use Social Proof

Celebrity approval may not motivate millennials to download your app as effectively as opinions from regular users. We recommend that you use social proof from younger people as a part of your marketing strategy.

Put Some Effort into the Design

Last but not least, your app should be visually attractive and reflect a great UX. Of course, the most important thing is to make your design easy to use. However, you should also make sure that it looks good. We recommend that you analyze your competitors’ design solutions and think of how you can outperform them.

Wrapping Up

Millennials are a tech-savvy generation. They use their smartphones and tablets all the time so you should always keep in mind this segment of your audience when developing an app. Given that this generation is native to advanced technology, you should be able to determine their needs and do your best to exceed their expectations.

Is your app engaging? Does it provide instant gratification? Is it entertaining? Does it have a seamless and attractive design? Does it help your users achieve their important life goals? If you’ve answered “no” to at least one of these questions, we recommend that you improve your app to make it more attractive for millennials.

We hope that our tips will help you focus on the right aspects and come up with an app that will address millennials’ needs, providing as much value as possible.

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