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5 minutes read

Graphic Design Vs. Web Design: What’s the Difference?

By Jose Gomez
By Jose Gomez
5 minutes read

Many companies have a hard time understanding the difference between graphic design vs. web design. When it comes to graphic and web design, there are many things in common. However, these two are not exactly the same. Their differences matter a lot in business, and in particular when building digital products.

Graphic designers and web designers both work with visual elements, but they each have a unique approach to visual theory based on their respective objectives. To guarantee a successful visual communication of your app, website, or any other product, it is important to understand their differences. Failing to do so may result in a suboptimal product.

In this post, we discuss the differences between graphic design and web design, as well as the roles a graphic designer and a web designer play when designing digital products. Having a better understanding of graphic and web design will make your project more likely to succeed by helping it deliver a better User Experience.

Graphic Design Vs. Web Design Explained

Graphic design and web design are two fundamental aspects that any company looking to build a digital product needs to consider. They both help communicate visual elements. However, their relevance may vary depending on the characteristics of the project. That is, depending on what the specific goals are. 

Depending on the project, some visual elements may be more important than others. The same happens with certain types of technology. Web designers use some tools that graphic designers do not. It is not the same to work on graphic design projects as it is to work on web ones. 

Something similar happens with the skills needed for each role. Web design skills are different from graphic design ones. Web design professionals are closer to web developers than graphic design professionals are.

Lastly, it is important to consider how both graphic and web design impact users. Web design usually has a greater impact on aspects like usability, while graphic design tends to focus more on communication.

Graphic Design

In the strict sense, graphic design relates to visual communication using different elements like illustrations, graphics, typography, and so on. A graphic designer needs to create visual compositions that communicate a clear message or idea to the viewer.

Unlike web design professionals, most graphic designers do not have knowledge of web development. Their field of expertise is mostly restricted to visual theory instead of how to build products like a mobile app or a website.

Graphic design professionals, although they do not typically build actual web products, have essential skills for creating important digital assets like motion graphics, infographics, and interactive materials, all of which are essential for the web. 

Web Design

Unlike graphic design, web design does not focus primarily on the message being sent. Instead, web design concentrates on the User Experience. Although a web designer works mostly on websites, they are not limited to them. After all, a web designer also plays a crucial role in designing web applications. As a result, web designers are sometimes considered to be essential in web development.

Many companies tend to focus more on the aesthetics of a web product than the actual web design aspects. This sometimes leads to poor performance of web products. By focusing on web design, a company can help guarantee that their website or web app is specially designed to meet the needs and expectations of their users.

Web designers need to be familiar with design tools as well as certain development tools. Because web design is closely related to development, a web designer needs to be knowledgeable on some of the technical aspects necessary to build web products. Web designers are known for having insightful and dynamic thinking.

Are Web Design and Graphic Design the Same?

Web design and graphic design are closely related, but they are not the same. They both belong to the larger design discipline. However, each has its own particular characteristics. It is a common mistake for companies to think of them as being the same thing.

Both web design and graphic design are important in terms of building web-based products. Nonetheless, a web designer usually tends to perform a more crucial role than a graphic designer in the sense that a web designer is responsible for the User Experience. This last can make or break your product.

Choosing Between Graphic Design and Web Design

Many companies often find themselves facing a false dilemma between graphic design or web design. Since each offers unique value to your digital products, you should ideally consider both. This will help guarantee the overall success of your web projects.

Finding a development company that has both graphic designers and web designers is the best thing you can do. This way, you don’t have to worry about choosing between graphic design vs. web design.

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