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Koombea Culture
4 minutes read

Employee Spotlight: How Koombea Rocks WordPress

By Jose Gomez
By Jose Gomez
Koombea Culture
4 minutes read

One of the wonderful advantages we have here at Koombea, is our talented employees. When it comes to WordPress, we are able to offer our clients a variety of solutions because of the skillsets our employees have. Our team rocks at customization, configuration, integration and more. Basically, we have all things WordPress covered because we have an awesome team. So, if you are in the market for a WordPress site, keep reading!

Meet Fabian

One such employee is Fabian Altahona. Fabian has over 10 years of experience in developing web projects. He is a Systems Engineer with a specialization in front end development and web servers. He evangelizes the WordPress community and was featured in this blog post for hosting an Open Source workshop in Colombia. Fabian works at Koombea as a development leader in WordPress where he focuses on the construction of plugins and frameworks that allow a modular and scalable development.

With people like Fabian on our team, we are able to ensure that each website or app that we build stands out with quality. Some areas that Fabian helps our team excel at are:

  • WordPress plugin customization and development
  • WordPress with Woocommerce and eCommerce sites
  • WordPress template integration and development
  • WordPress admin configuration

Startup Solutions

We run a very agile team and deliver innovation at an affordable rate so many startup brands find Koombea to be the perfect partner. We have been around for more than 11 years and have built hundreds of apps and sites.

Our talented team offers versatile work while delivering great communication and flawless apps and websites. We understand the challenges that early-stage companies face, and, we know how to adapt to those challenges.

We can even work with companies to make prototypes of their sites so they can secure funding for their great ideas. Basically, we are flexible and meet our clients where they most need us.

Enterprise Solutions

We know how enterprise brands don’t want an “off the shelf” product so we develop powerful and unique sites and apps to fit this expectation that consumers have of your brand. We hold ourselves to high-quality standards to represent all the brands we work with.

Some of our apps have been acquired by Google, Motorola Solutions, Facebook, Skype, and other leading enterprises.

What We Can Do

We work with technical and non-technical clients and make it a priority to fill in all the gaps when it comes to building your site or app. At Koombea, we offer a wide variety of knowledge when it comes to creating responsive and nonresponsive WordPress themes.

If you’re interested in how Koombea can rock WordPress for your app or website idea, keep in mind the variety we can offer including:

WordPress Theme Development and Integration: We can help at any stage, it could be integrating a theme you purchased, building a theme from your custom design, or even designing a responsive theme tailored to your brand and business.

Complete WordPress Customization: WordPress is not just a blog. We make use of WordPress extensive flexibility to build a CMS to manage all types of content, and optimize the WordPress admin panel to provide the best user-friendly interface for your editors and content managers.

WordPress Plugin Development and Integration: One of the advantages of WordPress is its great plugin repository. We help you choose and integrate plugins according to your needs. Even better, we can build plugins to integrate your own service with other WordPress sites.

Complete WordPress Installation and Maintenance: From installation and migration to deployment, we help you with your server environment setup, focusing on optimizations to security and performance.

eCommerce websites with WooCommerce: Integrations with payment gateways, inventory management systems and CRM systems.

How We Bring Your Site to Life

We hold ourselves to top quality standards and you can expect big things from Koombea.

Ideation: we offer an in-depth discovery process to identify what you need and how we can make your idea a reality.

Product strategy: We create a roadmap and present you with the architecture of your site.

Product iterations: This involves strategic planning and communicating with you about the development process. We also implement quality assurance before we launch your site.

Maintenance: After your site launches, we keep up with all the bug fixes and optimization.

Do you have a site that could use Koombea’s web development expertise? Don’t hesitate to contact us to see how we can help! We have plenty of employees like Fabian who would love to chat with you.

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