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Education Technology Conferences to Keep an Eye On

By Robert Kazmi
By Robert Kazmi
5 minutes read

Education technology conferences help bring educators and technological advancements together to better the teaching and learning experience for teachers and students. Education technology, or EdTech, is the future of education. We have already seen the power of technology and virtual learning during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Besides remote learning, technology has the ability to completely transform the learning experience and make it more engaging for future generations. Education technology conferences give educators a chance to learn about the latest trends in EdTech, attend workshops, and familiarize themselves with the technology that will be shaping the future of education. 

EdTech is an exciting field of technology development. If you’re interested in education technology conferences, check out some of the conferences we have highlighted below. Many of these events take place in July and the summer months because teachers have more free time then, but there are education technology conferences that happen at all times of the year. 

EdTech Conferences to Watch 

Whether you are interested in building an EdTech app or you’re a teacher interested in harnessing the power of technology in your classroom, education technology conferences are a great place to get information and network. 

Below we have highlighted some of the premier education technology conferences. Keep your eye on them to see when their next event will take place, how you can attend, and what their program will offer attendees. 

Online Teaching Conference 

This annual conference is focused on virtual learning and online education. This education technology conference brings together a wide array of remote learning professionals including faculty, administrators, and other staff. 

The primary focus of this conference is discussing and developing innovative methods of educating students remotely. While this conference has been held for quite some time, the emergence of COVID-19 has shown how important and effective online learning can be. 

Virtual learning is now part of the education landscape, and if schools are going to continue to use it in some aspect, educators need to continue to discuss and develop new ways to bring online education to life. 

Connected Learning Summit 

This is one of the most exciting education technology conferences of the year. The mission behind the Connected Learning Summit is to power the emerging, innovative EdTech movement to expand access to creative, playful learning experiences. 

This conference is a merger of three distinct conferences and events, Digital Media and Learning Conference, Games+Learning+Society Conference, and Sandbox Summit. This education technology conference brings together a wide array of educators, developers, and education researchers. 

This conference brings HiTech and EdTech together and gives anyone interested in EdTech a great way to learn about emerging technologies and trends in the education field. 

NYCSchools Virtual Tech Summit 

Just because this event is being held virtually this year does not mean that there are not a lot of opportunities to meet and network with innovators in the EdTech field. Virtual attendees will be able to attend education sessions, learn about the latest EdTech advancements, and connect with industry leaders.  

You don’t have to be a New York City teacher to get value out of this education technology conference. This conference offers attendees the opportunity to see how their peers are utilizing the latest EdTech innovations to improve the learning experience for their students. 

Discover new ways to inspire and engage your students with technology-based learning experiences by attending this year’s NYCSchools Virtual Tech Summit. If you are unable to make it to this year’s conference, stay engaged and learn about their upcoming events and conferences online. 

IMS Learning Impact Leadership Institute 

The Learning Impact conference aims to connect the EdTech community. This annual event features leaders in education, EdTech, and corporate learning. This education technology conference covers a wide variety of technology and education topics to help cultivate conversations and innovations for teachers and students at all levels.  

This conference provides a good chance for interested people to learn about the ways their peers are using technology to help create a more collaborative, creative learning environment, discuss the latest EdTech advancements, and so much more. 

ITSE Live & ITSE Creative Constructor Lab

ITSE has two great education technology events, and we feel we should mention both. ITSE Live is a conference that covers a lot of different education technology topics. This annual event is held in different cities every year in June. 

ITSE Creative Constructor Lab is a little bit different. This one is a virtual event that helps educators use and think of ways to use media-rich materials and the latest EdTech advancements to foster student creativity and engagement. 

If you are interested in EdTech in any capacity, ITSE has a number of great resources and events that are held throughout the year to connect educators and the technology community. 

Final Thoughts 

Technology has the ability to bring great changes to the way we teach and learn. EdTech is gaining a lot of popularity both in classrooms and the tech industry. If you’re interested in learning more about the advancements EdTech is making, discussing new, innovative teaching methods, or more, education technology conferences are the place to go. 

There are too many great education technology conferences for us to list them all here, but the conferences listed above are a great place to start. If you have an app or an idea for an EdTech app, reach out to an app development partner. Count on the industry experience and technical expertise of a development partner to help bring your app to life.

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