3 Challenges to MedTech Success

by Robert Kazmi
Blog Post

Let’s start by discussing 3 major challenges you will face in the process of building a healthcare app and how to overcome them.

Make sure you chose the right idea

The first major challenge you will encounter with healthcare apps has nothing to do with development at all. Rather, it starts with a question:

Why do your users need this app? What problem will it solve?

Some companies don’t do enough research and idea validation prior to the launch.

This first basic step is where many businesses fail. It’s critical to first analyze the need for the app before making the investment.

Build a monetization or value proposition strategy that works for your business idea

Knowing what value you offer helps you decide which monetization path(s) is right for your app. It will help you understand which features your users are willing to pay for or how the app will improve the customer service, making it a key differentiator from your competitors. Choose the one that fits your needs best.

Find the right team, not just the talent.

Chances are, you don’t have a team of developers on your staff, or you might need to partner with an external agency in order to get your digital product off the ground.

Koombea has partnered with small startups and Fortune 500 companies, like Aetna, in the healthcare industry in order to help them build a successful product with a clear vision.

If you’d like your next digital product to be developed with a remarkably transparent process like ours, contact us to arrange a time to discuss your project.

by Robert Kazmi
Blog Post