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6 minutes read

AWS for Startups: A Powerful Cloud-Based Solution

By Robert Kazmi
By Robert Kazmi
6 minutes read

Is AWS for startups? Modern businesses rely on massive amounts of data and computing power. As a result, every business, even startups, must determine which cloud-based solution will benefit their business most. There is a lot of competition in the cloud-computing market, but the three HiTech options dominate the market are Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and Amazon Web Services (AWS). 

Whether your startup will require web or mobile app development resources or simply cloud architecture, AWS is likely the best choice for your business. Did you know that AWS services power over 33 percent of the entire cloud-computing market? AWS cloud solutions are also the most mature option on the market, with more sophisticated resources and media. 

This post will explain why AWS cloud services are the best choice for early-stage startups and businesses of all shapes and sizes. 

AWS for Startups: Why It Is the Best Option 

There are several cloud options for startups. However, AWS cloud services are the best for startups. Regardless, your startup should always do its due diligence when choosing a service provider. Here are the top reasons why AWS services are best positioned for startups:

  • Free to try 
  • Only pay for the AWS resources you use 
  • A large number of features 
  • World-class reliability 

Free to Try 

Before you make a long-term commitment to any cloud service, you should try it first to make sure it is the right fit for your business. Early-stage startups need to be smart with their finances if they want to succeed and eventually grow. AWS offers interested companies a free tier. Not only can your business check out AWS’s capabilities, but your development team can also gain hands-on experience with the resources and media offered by AWS.

Using the free tier, your team can access over one hundred different AWS products to see how they work with your existing infrastructure and software. Your startup won’t have to make any financial investment while field-testing AWS’s real-world capabilities to see how they can add value to your business. 

In addition to all the different AWS services your startup can try for free, AWS offers over 500 different digital courses. These courses can help your developers build their cloud and edge computing skills and learn the ins and outs of the AWS platform. All of the learning courses on AWS are free to access. 

Only Pay for the AWS Resources You Use 

AWS is great for startups because you only have to pay for the resources that you use. On the other hand, managing private servers on-premises comes with many associated upfront costs. For example, you would have to pay for hardware, installation, maintenance, and physical storage. As a result, private servers can be cost-prohibitive to startups trying to maximize their resources and get their business off the ground. 

AWS is the perfect choice for startups because it allows them to pick and choose the services and resources they want to use. For example, your startup can visit the AWS marketplace and pick the resources most beneficial to the business without having to pay for resources it will never use. In addition, the AWS marketplace is easy to search by category or use case. 

In addition to the flexibility to choose which resources and services best serve your startup, each solution can be fully customized to meet your company’s unique needs. Of course, if your development team is skilled with the AWS platform, you can make customizations independently. However, a rich ecosystem of AWS partners can also help you build any solution your startup requires. 

A Large Number of Features 

AWS is the best cloud service provider for startups because it boasts over 200 different resources. Many of these features and resources are built specifically to meet the needs of specific industries and target goals. Your development team will access various specialized tools for database management, security, IoT, networking, enterprise applications, and so much more. 

In addition, AWS boasts a suite of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) services that your startup can take advantage of. Not only does AWS offer tools to help your team build its proficiencies with these intelligent tools, but they also offer tools to help your team identify where integrating Machine Learning and AI into your infrastructure will be the most beneficial. 

The AWS cloud also has a Fault Injection Simulator. This tool gives your team the ability to simulate faults that otherwise wouldn’t be identified until post-launch. The ability to catch breakdowns and errors before they strike is a significant value-add for startups with limited resources. Making fixes after launch is far more costly than catching and addressing an error prior to deployment. 

World-Class Reliability 

For startups, a gap in service can mean lost revenue and brand image damage. Cloud solutions are always going to be more reliable than on-premise servers. However, AWS cloud solutions are built specifically with business continuity in mind. Features like CodeDeploy automate the software deployment process eliminating the downtime associated with manual app updates and deployments. 

In addition, the AWS cloud is secured with the world’s strongest and largest redundancy system. If your cloud server should go down for any reason, there is another one in place to prevent service outages. A service outage can cause major disruptions to your business and lead to significant lost revenue. Startups that are trying to gain a foothold in the market and build a reputation as a brand cannot afford service outages. 

Scale issues can also cause problems for your startup if your needs quickly outgrow your resources. AWS has an auto-scaling feature that monitors your resources and scales them to meet demand intuitively to ensure server interruption doesn’t cause issues to your startup or users. 

Final Thoughts 

If you are looking for the best cloud solution for your startup, AWS is the best available option. In addition to a rich ecosystem of AWS partners, there are also many skilled AWS developers that can help your startup build custom solutions. If you want to learn more about AWS for startups, reach out to an experienced AWS app development partner.

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