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6 minutes read

ASO Tools: How to Choose the Best

By Robert Kazmi
ASO Tools
By Robert Kazmi
App Development
6 minutes read

If your business wants to have an app store optimization advantage, you need to know about the available ASO tools. Great mobile app development will do your business little good if you don’t have an app marketing plan and app store optimization tools in place. 

The competition on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store is fierce. There are great mobile apps everywhere. However, you cannot count on great app design alone to attract users and drive downloads. This blog post will cover everything you need to know about app store optimization, and we will review the best ASO tools currently available to businesses. 

What Is App Store Optimization?

App store optimization (ASO) is app store SEO. App store optimization aims to increase an app’s visibility on app stores and drive downloads. There are a lot of apps available on app stores, and more are being added every single day. If you want your app to stand out in this crowded market, you need to optimize your listing by using the right keywords and encouraging positive reviews. 

The higher your app ranks in the search results, the more app downloads you will receive. However, the importance of app store optimization goes beyond visibility. You want your application to be downloaded by users who will use it and complete actions beneficial to your business inside the app. A properly optimized app store listing will help your mobile app get in front of the users most valuable to your business. 

A good app store optimization strategy will also help your business lower the cost per install. ASO is an organic form of app marketing, which means you will not be paying for each user beyond what you invest in ASO efforts. Since ASO requires less financial investment than paid user acquisition strategies, a strong app store optimization effort will increase the revenue your business generates from its app. 

The Best ASO Tools Available 

Now that you know what app store optimization is, you should understand how important it is to the success of your business. You could approach app store optimization independently, but your efforts will be far more successful if you use an ASO tool. These tools provide more than keyword research. You can use them to spy on your competition to see what optimizations are or are not working for them. Some of the best ASO tools are:

  • App Radar
  • Storemaven
  • Apptweak 
  • Sensor Tower 
  • AppFollow

App Radar

App Radar is one of the most widely used app store optimization tools. It might be the most robust keyword research tool for mobile apps. App Radar allows your business to see what keywords your app is currently ranking for and how your competitors compare. App Radar truly excels in its ability to reverse engineer the ASO keyword campaigns of your competitors. 

App Radar will show you if your competitors are ranking on the Google Play or Apple App Store and then help you craft a keyword strategy to outrank them. This tool also allows businesses to edit their app listing by region to take advantage of regional trends. Recently, App Radar acquired TheTool, which was a performance-based ASO tool. TheTool features are now available on App Radar. 


Storemaven is primarily used to increase app store conversion rates. This ASO tool takes a scientific approach to organic user acquisition. Storemaven will guide you through the process of determining a strategic hypothesis, the creation of A/B tests, design variants, and results analysis. 

In addition, you can use this tool to identify all ASO strategies employed by your competitors and download their app store assets like videos, screenshots, and more to create a digital experience tailored to your target audience. As a result, Storemaven claims that they can increase your conversion rate by 24%. Popular companies such as TikTok, HBO, and Uber use Storemaven for their app store optimization. 


Apptweak uses deep learning algorithms and other HiTech advancements to provide key metrics and insights that few other ASO tools can match. One of the best aspects of Apptweak is its simple, clean User Interface. You will have little trouble navigating through this tool and gaining key app store optimization insights for your business. Apptweak gets all of its data directly from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. 

Apptweak includes powerful keyword research and competitor analysis tools, but one of the coolest features included in this ASO tool is its ASO timeline. The ASO timeline feature allows you to view a summary of all app changes over time, descriptions, screenshots, keywords, everything.  Plus, you can use the ASO timeline feature to view your competitors’ apps too. 

Sensor Tower 

Sensor Tower is an app store optimization intelligence tool that offers businesses millions of data points to help them make better ASO decisions. Like many other ASO tools, Sensor Tower offers keyword research and competitor analysis features. What makes Sensor Tower special is its ability to identify the most popular mobile apps on both major app stores. In addition, users can view downloads, revenue figures, and more based on specific locations or overall. 

Sensor Tower also offers a unique keyword research tool that gives users the ability to view their app’s predicted ranking based on specific keywords. Plus, this tool allows users to easily translate keywords and localize ASO strategies for a diverse global audience. 


AppFollow offers a robust platform for organic app growth. AppFollow can be used to track important keywords, downloads, conversion rates, ranking changes, and more. Plus, what makes AppFollow great is that it generates automatic reports based on your preferences so that you get easy-to-understand charts and figures to illustrate your ASO efforts. 

Use AppFollow to analyze your competition, the trending apps on both app stores, and the ASO strategies used by any app on either store. AppFollow also includes keyword translation tools for businesses that want to localize their ASO efforts on a global scale. 

Final Thoughts 

Android and iOS development is a major investment. Therefore, your business should pair development with app store optimization. You cannot expect your app to outrank your competition if you don’t take any optimization measures. If you want to learn more about app store optimization and its importance for your business, speak with an app development partner. An experienced partner will guide you through the entire development process and help you find the right ASO tools for your app.

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