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App Development
5 minutes read

You Have an App Idea. Now What?

by Robert Kazmi
App Development
5 minutes read

So, you have an incredible idea for a groundbreaking app. Now, you’re probably asking yourself, “What do I do after I have an idea for an app?”. Or, “How do I get my app developed?”. Having built hundreds of apps, we’ve curated much of our extensive knowledge into this post, so that you can start figuring out the next steps towards taking your mobile app from just an idea to an actual reality.

App Annie forecasts that the app industry is estimated to hit 6 billion dollars by the year 2022, so clearly there’s a lot of potential for innovative app ideas. That said, there are currently over 2 million apps in The App Store, and that number increases every day. Your initial “good idea” now isn’t enough. You need the right developer and marketing plan.

We created this post to help you take your mobile app idea from ideation to a successful reality. Let’s dive into what you should do next.

Where to Start

The first place to start is to sit down with a pen and paper and write out and outline your app. You should consider it a creative brief, and here are some items that you should include: 

  •  An elevator pitch about your app
  • The target demographic that you want to reach
  • A simple map of how users will use your app and what that flow will look like
  • Create a value proposition on what makes your app unique
  • Industry Research

Think about the space that your app falls into, then thoroughly research that space. Look closely at competitors and like-minded apps, and draw ideas from what they are doing. Incorporate these new ideas into your app outline and overall vision.

Outline your buyer persona and make sure your app addresses all their pain points. This is key knowledge to obtain before you start developing your app.

Don’t be intimidated if there’s an app that already exists that seems to solve the same pain points that your app does. Instead of feeling like you are too late in executing your idea, find ways that your app can be better or different than your competitors.

Determine How You Will Monetize Your App

There are a couple ways to monetize your app. You can charge users to download it, you can make money from ads, or you can offer a “freemium” app where some features are free, and others cost money to activate. As above, evaluating your competitors’ status is a good starting point for figuring out the next step.

Finding the Right Developer

Once you’ve outlined how you want your app to look and you’ve researched the industry, it’s time to find the right developer to create your app. The right developer should intuitively understand your idea, and have suggestions on how to power your app.

Here at Koombea, we work hard to make sure that the apps we create line up precisely with our clients’ vision and immediately add value to the finished product. Do your due diligence and research other developers, and pay attention to reviews and testimonials. We stand behind our reputation, and would love to hear about your ideas.

Create a Marketing Plan

While your app is in the development phase, carefully research and outline your marketing plan, so that when your app hits the market, you’re ready to go. Some key pieces to incorporate into your marketing plan are:

  • Identify websites and blogs that align with the industry your app falls into and identify a contact. When your app is ready, you can easily reach out to them and ask them to review your app. These third-party endorsements will be the most important component of your marketing plan.
  • Build a list of influencers in your space that can recommend your app to their own followers.
  • Start building your social media presence before your app is launched so that you can build followers and relationships to tap into when your app hits the market.
  • When the app goes live, ask users for app reviews on Google and in The App Store.

Get the App on the Market

Once your app has been beta tested and is ready, it needs to be added to Google and The App Store. The right developer will have a developer account and upload the app for you.


Your app idea will quite possibly be a big hit. Lots of people have app ideas, but don’t know how all the steps necessary to make them a reality. Don’t let this happen to you! Start right away on outlining your app, doing industry research finding the right developer and create a killer marketing plan so that your app gets seen. There is so much potential in this industry and there is room for your great idea!

Do you have any questions about getting an app idea that you have developed? We are here to help so please, don’t hesitate to reach out!