At Koombea, we use React to build the user interfaces (UI) of our web applications, and with the help of Redux and React Router, we create amazing Single Page Apps that work in a consistent way and are easy to test. In addition, React allows us to build reusable component libraries that facilitate the development process.

This bookstore builds on a community that is constantly growing at an unstoppable pace, and at the same time counts with the support of one of the most influential industry giants: Facebook. React, React Native and Redux form a working framework that fulfills all of the development needs for the client, both mobile and web, while using the same language (JavaScript) and work philosophy.

React allows us to think and work with simple components that come together to create complex applications, making the code we create more predictable, reusable and easier to debug. It also contributes to faster work by providing greater control over the Document Object Model (DOM) and its events in an incredibly simple way.